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2024 Lunar New Year

Today, February 10th, we celebrate the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. The Chinese Lunar New Year aligns with the phases of the Moon, beginning with the New Moon. Traditionally, the New Year is celebrated for 15 days, following the lunar cycle from the New Moon phase to the Full. This symbolizes the transition from the old to the new, & from negativity to positivity. It's a time of cleansing, renewal, welcoming blessings, honoring ancestors, banishing evil spirits & praying for a good year of fortune.

The Lunar New Year holds great significance worldwide, drawing millions into its vibrant celebration. Festivities include lantern festivals, fireworks, family reunions, feasting, outdoor festivals, fire ceremony, dancing dragons, & more. Throughout this holiday, the color red takes center stage. Red represents prosperity, fortune, & protection against malevolent forces.

Another cherished tradition involves the exchange of "hóngbāo" or red envelopes, filled with money, gifted to younger family members. These red envelopes symbolize good luck, abundance, & prosperity, fostering a spirit of generosity & hope for the year ahead.

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The Chinese calendar operates on a six-decade cycle, guided by 12 animal symbols & complemented by the five elemental forces of wood, fire, earth, metal, & water. The Chinese zodiac assigns individuals their sign based on their year of birth, in contrast to Western astrology, which considers the month & day of birth. Known as "shengxiao" or "born resembling," the Chinese zodiac suggests that individuals inherit & reflect the characteristics of the animal associated with their birth year.

The year 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon holds a position of great significance & reverence. Representing power, strength, & good fortune, the Dragon is regarded as a symbol of imperial authority & celestial protection. Those born under the sign of the Dragon are believed to inherit its noble qualities, including charisma, ambition, & resilience.

With its mythical stature & legendary prowess, the Dragon embodies the essence of leadership & excellence. Individuals born under this auspicious sign are often seen as trailblazers, destined for success & destined to leave a lasting impact on the world. In Chinese culture, the Dragon is celebrated for its auspicious energy, revered as a sign of prosperity & good luck.

How to Attract Prosperity & Good Luck this Lunar New Year:

  • Physically & Spiritually cleanse your home

  • Wear the color red

  • Wear or keep nearby a Dragon talisman

  • Eat “lucky” foods (Dumplings, Fish, Spring Rolls, Noodles, & Oranges)

  • Gift a red envelope

  • Decorate the house that follows traditions (Red & Gold Colors, Flowers, Fresh Fruit, Chinese Knots, etc.)

  • Keep a Prosperity Frog in the home

  • Say lucky words (Manifestations, Affirmations, Mantras)

  • Spend time with family

  • Honor your ancestors & your family history

  • Utilize the fire element (Candles, Fireworks, Lantern)

  • Keep Jade Stone in the home

  • Share good fortune & blessings with loved ones

  • Have a Dragon figurine/statue in your home

As we continue on in the Year of the Dragon, we can anticipate a time of profound transformation & empowerment. The Dragon, with its symbol of power, strength, & auspiciousness, brings with it an energy of renewal & rebirth. It encourages us to tap into our inner courage, embrace change, & pursue our passions with vigor & determination.

This year offers opportunities for personal growth, spiritual awakening, & the manifestation of our deepest desires. Just as the Dragon soars fearlessly through the skies, we are inspired to rise above challenges, overcome obstacles, & unleash our fullest potential. By aligning ourselves with the energy of the Dragon, we can harness its transformative power to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, & spiritual enlightenment.

~ Wanshi ruyi! Wishing you the best of everything!

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