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The Pink Moon

A Full Moon is an incredibly potent celestial event, radiating luminous brilliance & symbolizing illumination, completion, & the culmination of energy. Spiritually, it is a time of heightened intuition, deep reflection, & emotional release. This sacred moment invites us to embrace the light within & honor the cycles of growth & transformation. During this phase of the lunar cycle, we experience heightened energy, clarity, & manifestation. It is a potent period for releasing what no longer serves us, setting intentions, & tapping into our inner wisdom.

The Full Moon of April is known as the Pink Moon. It has earned its name not because of its color, but because of the pink flowers, specifically wild ground phlox, that bloom in early spring in the northern hemisphere. The Pink Moon signifies the arrival of spring & the abundance of new life & growth. It symbolizes renewal, fertility, & the awakening of nature after the long winter months.

The Pink Moon is a time for new beginnings, growth, & embracing the energy of renewal. It encourages us to embrace the changes happening in our lives & to move forward with a sense of optimism & renewal.

This lunar event is happening in the sign of Scorpio, meaning it intensifies the emotional & spiritual energies associated with this astrological sign. Scorpio is associated with depth, transformation, & rebirth. Therefore, during the Full Moon in Scorpio, emotions will tend to run deep, having a strong focus on self-discovery, healing, & letting go of what no longer serves us. 

Scorpio's energy encourages us to delve into our subconscious, confront our fears, & embrace transformation. This period is excellent for releasing old patterns, healing emotional wounds, & embracing personal growth. It's a time to dive deep into our emotions, confront our shadows, & emerge stronger & more resilient.

Themes for the Scorpio Full Moon

  • Transformation: Scorpio is associated with deep transformation & regeneration. During this Full Moon, we may feel compelled to release old patterns, habits, & emotional baggage that no longer serve us. It's a time for inner healing & rebirth.

  • Intensity: Scorpio energy is intense & passionate. This Full Moon may bring emotions to the surface, encouraging us to delve deep into our feelings & confront any underlying issues. It's an opportunity to embrace our authenticity & express our desires with courage & vulnerability.

  • Empowerment: Scorpio is a sign of personal power & empowerment. This Full Moon invites us to reclaim our power & stand in our truth. It's a time to assert boundaries, honor our needs, & embrace our inner strength.

  • Depth & Insight: Scorpio is associated with depth & insight. During this Full Moon, we may experience moments of clarity & profound self-awareness. It's a time for introspection, meditation, & tapping into our intuition to gain deeper understanding.

  • Release & Letting Go: Scorpio energy encourages us to release anything that no longer serves our highest good. This Full Moon is an ideal time to let go of toxic relationships, negative emotions, & limiting beliefs. By releasing what weighs us down, we create space for new growth & transformation.

Overall, the Full Moon in Scorpio invites us to embrace our inner power, dive deep into our emotions, & embrace the process of transformation & renewal. It's a potent time for healing, empowerment, & spiritual growth.

Other Astrological Influences

As of April 20th, we have been experiencing the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system & the ruler of expansion, abundance, & optimism. It governs areas related to growth, luck, wisdom, & higher learning. It represents our beliefs, philosophies, & quest for meaning, as well as our capacity for generosity & abundance.

Jupiter's influence encourages us to broaden our horizons, embrace new opportunities, & cultivate a sense of optimism & faith in the universe. This planet embodies the principles of expansion & evolution, urging us to stretch beyond our comfort zones & embrace the infinite possibilities of life. It teaches us to trust in the abundance of the Universe & to align with our higher purpose & vision. Through Jupiter's influence, we are inspired to seek knowledge, wisdom, & spiritual growth, & to journey toward a deeper understanding of ourselves & the cosmos.

Full Moon Affirmations

Repeat these affirmations daily to cultivate self-love, spiritual growth, & alignment with the energy of the Moon.

  • I release all that no longer serves my highest good, allowing space for transformation & growth.

  • I embrace my inner power & trust the process of change & rebirth.

  • I am worthy of deep, authentic connections & allow myself to be vulnerable.

  • I welcome healing into my life, letting go of past hurts & embracing emotional freedom.

  • I trust in the flow of life, knowing that every challenge is an opportunity for growth & evolution.

  • I am in tune with my intuition & trust the messages my soul is sending me.

  • I honor the darkness within me, knowing that it holds the key to my transformation & enlightenment.

  • I embrace my inner strength & resilience, allowing myself to rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

  • I am open to the mysteries of life & welcome the deep insights that come with self-reflection.

  • I am a powerful creator, manifesting my desires & dreams with clarity & intention.

A Sweet & Simple Full Moon Ritual 

Materials Needed:


1. Begin by creating a sacred space for your ritual. Light the pink candles & place them around your space to create a soft, soothing ambiance.

2. Take a moment to ground yourself & center your energy. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, & visualize roots extending from your body into the Earth, anchoring you to the ground.

3. Hold the rose quartz crystal in your hands & set your intention for the ritual. This could be anything from inviting love & compassion into your life to releasing any emotional blockages.

4. Scatter the rose petals around your sacred space, symbolizing love, beauty, & Divine Feminine energy. As you do so, recite a mantra or affirmation that resonates with your intention.

5. Sprinkle the pink Himalayan salt around your space, purifying & cleansing the energy. Visualize any negativity or stagnant energy being absorbed by the salt, leaving behind a sense of peace & renewal.

6. Place the rose quartz crystal in the center of your space, allowing its gentle energy to radiate throughout the room. Sit quietly for a few moments, basking in the loving embrace of the crystal's energy.

7. When you feel ready, express gratitude for the blessings in your life & for the energy of the Full Pink Moon. Close your ritual by extinguishing the candles & offering a final prayer or affirmation of gratitude.

8. Take a moment to journal about your experience & any insights or messages you received during the ritual. Reflect on how you can carry the energy of the Full Pink Moon with you as you move forward on your journey

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