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"Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause." ~ Bruce Feiler


In Native American legends, the Turtle symbolizes Mother Earth. This belief comes from the back & shell of the Turtle, it is said they carry their homes on their backs, just as the Earth carries all of us. The Turtle is also serves as as symbol that we should take care of our planet, just as we should care for our bodies & minds.


The Turtle encourages us to listen to our ancient instincts. Trust yourself & trust the knowledge & wisdom that has been passed down to you by your ancestors. This beautiful creature reminds us the importance of patience & being present in the moment. They inspire us to stand by our goals & continue on through any challenges.


Jade is a protective stone that brings harmony, good fortune, abundance, luck, tranquility, & friendship. It stabilizes & soothes the mind bringing balance while it releases negative thoughts or doubts.


Jade Turtle

  • Approximately 3" x 2" inches

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