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Cholq’ij: The Sacred Calendar

Today marks not just any day but one of the most pivotal days in the sacred calendar, initiating a new ceremonial cycle. It's a celebration of the Cholq'ij, the sacred calendar which symbolizes the new beginning for day keepers & the transition of wisdom from the seasoned to the emerging guardians of time. This day celebrates our ability to maneuver through life, guided by the cycles of sacred time. In the Mayan calendar, Cholq'ij, also known as the "Count of Days," is a sacred & ancient system of timekeeping that has been used by indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica for thousands of years. 

In the Cholq'ij calendar, each day is characterized by the combination of a Nawal & a Tone …

  • The Nawal represents the energy or spirit associated with the day. There are 20 Nawals in total, each with its own unique qualities & attributes. Each Nawal embodies specific qualities, energies, & characteristics that influence individuals born under its influence. Mayans believe that the Nawal assigned to a person at birth shapes their personality, talents, & life path. Additionally, Nawals are deeply interconnected with nature, the cosmos, & spiritual realms, playing a significant role in Mayan cosmology, rituals, & divination practices. They are revered as guides, protectors, & sources of wisdom in Mayan spiritual traditions.

  • The Tone represents the numerical aspect of the day. There are 13 Tones in total, ranging from 1 to 13. Each Tone is associated with specific symbolic meanings & energies, representing different aspects of life & the natural world. 

The combination of the Nawal & the Tone creates a unique energy signature for each day in the Mayan calendar. Together, it provides insights into the spiritual & energetic qualities of that particular day, guiding Mayan rituals, ceremonies, & daily activities. They are also used for Divination & spiritual guidance, helping individuals align with the natural rhythms of the Universe.

** Photo from Maya Luxe **

“Each day in the sacred Maya calendar has a meaning.

It tells us about the relationship among all things, including the animals, the land, humans, & everything in the cosmos.” 

~ Hermelinda Sapon Pu, K’iche’ Maya, Day Keeper

Today on the Mayan calendar is 8 B’atz. B’atz is the first day of the Cholq’ij, it is known as the beginning or the first time. The nawal B’atz is the embodiment of the thread of time itself, illustrating how the sacred calendar's intricate design weaves the very fabric of our reality. It is the heart of creativity in our world, a constant force of re-creation & renewal.

B'atz Represents ...

  • The energy of creativity, artistry, & weaving

  • The monkey

  • The power of creation & innovation

  • The ability to bring ideas into manifestation.

  • The concept of time & cycles

People born under the influence of B'atz are often artistic, imaginative, & resourceful, with a strong connection to craftsmanship & the arts. B'atz highlights the importance of balance, harmony, & the interconnectedness of all things in the Universe. In Mayan cosmology, B'atz is revered as a symbol of fertility, abundance, & the continuous process of creation & renewal.

In the Cholq’ij, Tone 8 represents the energy of harmony & balance. It is associated with the eighth position in the cycle of the 13 tones, known as the Tzolk'in. Tone 8 carries the essence of integration & equilibrium, signifying a time when energies come together in a harmonious union.

Some key interpretations of Tone 8 are ...

  • Integration: It symbolizes the coming together of disparate elements or forces to create unity & cohesion. It represents the process of integrating various aspects of life, experiences, & perspectives into a harmonious whole.

  • Balance: It emphasizes the importance of finding balance & equilibrium in all aspects of life – physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. It encourages individuals to seek harmony within themselves & in their relationships with others & the natural world.

  • Transformation: It marks a stage of transformation & growth, where conflicts are resolved, & challenges are overcome through reconciliation & alignment. It represents a time of personal & collective evolution, leading to greater understanding & enlightenment.

  • Spiritual Connection: There is a heightened sense of spiritual awareness & connection to the Divine. It is a time for inner reflection, meditation, & accessing higher states of consciousness to gain clarity & guidance on one's path.

Tone 8 embodies the energy of balance, integration, & spiritual alignment, inviting individuals to embrace harmony in all aspects of their lives & relationships. It encourages the pursuit of inner peace & unity with the Universe.

From dawn, Maya lands awaken to the devotion through offerings & prayers, weaving their love & wisdom into the evolving world. This day serves as the seamless junction connecting the previous cycle of creation, with the fresh cycle, marrying the past with the future.

Affirmations for the Day

  • "I am in perfect harmony with the rhythms of the Universe, finding balance in every moment."

  • "I trust in the process of integration, allowing all aspects of myself to come into alignment."

  • "My actions are guided by wisdom & intuition, leading me towards greater unity & coherence."

  • "I embrace the interconnectedness of all things, recognizing the Divine thread that binds us together."

  • "With each breath, I cultivate harmony within myself & radiate peace to the world around me."

  • "I am a creative force, weaving together the threads of my past, present, & future with purpose & clarity."

  • "I release resistance & surrender to the flow of life, knowing that all challenges are opportunities for growth."

  • “I am grounded in my truth & connected to the web of Life, embodying the essence of balance & harmony."

Repeat these affirmations with intention & openness, allowing them to resonate deeply within you as you embrace the energy of the day & align with its harmonious vibrations.

Today, we are reminded of our innate ability to create & to shape the essence of our homes, families, & communities. It's a day to acknowledge our creative nature, drawing inspiration from past creations & infusing them with new insights. We dedicate our love & energy to nurturing the world on the brink of birth, embracing the full spectrum of creation.

Embrace the Energy of the Day

Here are some spiritual practices you can do to honor & embrace the energy of 8 B'atz ...

  • Meditation: Dedicate time for meditation to connect with the energy of harmony & balance associated with Tone 8. Visualize yourself integrating all aspects of your being & achieving inner equilibrium.

  • Sound Healing: Use sound vibrations, such as singing bowls, drums, or humming (murmurio), to align your energy centers & promote balance within yourself. Focus on creating harmonic resonance to harmonize your mind, body, heart, & spirit.

  • Nature Walks: Spend time in nature to attune yourself to the natural rhythms & cycles of the Earth. Take a mindful walk in the forest, by the ocean, or in a park, & observe the balance & harmony present in the natural world.

  • Sacred Geometry: Explore spiritual geometric patterns, such as the Flower of Life or mandalas, to symbolize the interconnectedness of all things & the harmony that exists within the Universe. Use these symbols in your meditation or visualization practices.

  • Create an Altar: Make an altar or add to your current one, dedicating it to honor the energy of 8 B’atz. Use symbols of harmony & balance, such as the yin-yang symbol,  or crystals associated with balance (e.g., clear quartz, amethyst). Offer prayers or intentions for balance & integration in your life.

  • Journaling: Reflect on areas of your life where you feel imbalance or disharmony. Write down your thoughts, feelings, & intentions for restoring equilibrium. Set goals for integrating conflicting aspects of your personality or resolving conflicts in relationships.

  • Energy Clearing: Perform a space-clearing ritual using sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to remove stagnant or negative energies from your environment. Invite in the energy of harmony & balance to fill the space.

Remember to approach these practices with intention & sincerity, allowing yourself to attune to the energy of the day & align with its harmonizing influence.

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