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"We are no different than the seeds, the plants,the trees, the animals. We are all Life." ~ Grandmother Florademayo

Love and Light is the connection and bridge between Grandmother Flordemayo and The Path, the non-profit she founded. This is a one-stop destination for unique spiritual gifts, wellness offerings, and personal transformation. Offerings include webinars and training, spiritual and sacred items, as well as retreats. We will collaborate and nurture our connection with Elders, educators, wisdom keepers, and creatives, building awareness and strengthening our connection with the four sacred elements and the invisible. We intend to focus on empowering each other, with a collective manifestation that benefits all of humanity. Our work will always be mindful of the words and essence of Love and Light and Grandmother Flordemayo’s vision for humanity. We believe when you are offering someone “love and light” you are offering them the frequencies of creation and wisdom. Like a seed, we intend to grow and nurture connection and collaboration within our network of visionaries, Elders, wisdom keepers, and planetary activists. All are welcome on this path. We are deeply honored you have found your way to Love and Light. 

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