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Feng Shui Coins for Prosperity and Success with Chinese Knot 5 is a lucky number in the Chinese culture which means 5 different energy, people believe that Symbolizes fortune and wealth. Chinese coins are a symbol of prosperity and good luck in feng shui. Wash your hands before using the I-Ching Coin, the frontside face out, Don't hang it in the dirty place, Don't dirty it. Hang these Good Luck Fortune Coins on your car, windscreen, front door, room, office or home, also a practical and nice gift for yourself, family, and friends. 


The feng shui money frog, better known as the three-legged toad, is a popular Chinese symbol that is used as a feng shui adjustment to attract wealth and prosperity. ... In most cases the three-legged toad is found with a coin in its mouth, sitting on top of a bed of coins or gold ingots. Grandmother Flordemayo was gifted one over 20 years ago and collects them and always we truly believe in the power of setting intention and a prosperity altar.  

Prosperity Frog and Feng Shui Coins Gift Set


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