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Taurus New Moon

A New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar phase cycle. It occurs when the Moon is positioned between the Earth & the Sun, with its illuminated side facing away from us, making it appear invisible in the night sky. Symbolically, the New Moon represents new beginnings, fresh starts, & planting seeds of intention. It's a potent time for setting intentions, visualizing goals, & initiating new projects. As the Moon gradually waxes, or increases in illumination, these intentions gain momentum & manifest into the real world.

Today’s New Moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, signifying a time of groundedness, stability, & practicality. Taurus is an Earth sign associated with sensuality, abundance, & material comfort. During this New Moon phase, there is a focus on building solid foundations, both in our personal lives & in our relationships. It's a favorable time for setting intentions related to financial security, physical well-being, & enjoying life's simple pleasures. Taurus encourages us to connect with nature, indulge in self-care practices, & cultivate patience & persistence in pursuing our goals. It's an opportunity to plant seeds of intention that align with our values & long-term aspirations, with a focus on steady progress & tangible results.

During this New Moon, we can expect a period of calm & stability. This is thanks to Taurus, with its grounded energy & practical approach to life. This New Moon encourages us to focus on building security & comfort in our lives, & cultivating a sense of inner peace. Overall, Taurus invites us to slow down, connect with our senses, & embrace a sense of groundedness & stability in our lives.

Realign Your Focus

The following questions/prompts highlight the themes of this New Moon, & can help you realign your energy at this time. Use these questions to find some mental clarity or you can use them as journal prompts.

  1. What areas of my life do I want to invite stability & abundance into?

  2. How can I cultivate a deeper sense of grounding & connection with the Earth?

  3. What habits or patterns no longer serve my highest good, & how can I release them?

  4. What are my core values, & how can I honor them more fully in my daily life?

  5. What intentions do I want to set for this lunar cycle, & how can I take practical steps towards achieving them?

  6. How can I practice self-care & nourish myself on a physical, emotional, & spiritual level?

  7. What resources & support do I need to manifest my goals & dreams?

  8. How can I cultivate gratitude for the abundance already present in my life?

  9. What fears or limiting beliefs are holding me back, & how can I overcome them?

  10. How can I align my actions with my deepest desires & aspirations?

Affirmations of the Day

Repeat these affirmations throughout your day or during your spiritual practices to find alignment with the energy of the Moon.

  1. "I am worthy of abundance & prosperity in all areas of my life."

  2. "I trust in the Universe to provide me with everything I need to thrive."

  3. "I am grounded, stable, & secure in my being."

  4. "I nurture my body, mind, & spirit with love & care."

  5. "I am patient & persistent in pursuit of my goals."

  6. "I embrace the beauty & abundance of nature around me."

  7. "I am open to receiving the blessings of the Earth & the Universe."

  8. "I cultivate a sense of peace & serenity within myself."

  9. "I release fear & doubt, knowing that I am supported by the Earth beneath me."

  10. "I am grateful for the simple joys & pleasures life has to offer."

Simple & Sweet Meditation Ritual

This simple ritual can help you align with the energy of the New Moon & set powerful intentions for abundance, stability, & groundedness in your life.

Choose a spiritual tool that will help you during this meditation exercise. Try to think of tools that are associated with our senses to ground you into the present moment. Some examples of good tools to use for this would include …

  • Essential oils of your favorite scent or of a scent that aligns with the energy you feel

  • A candle, incense, or smudge stick/blend to create a light scent in your sacred space

  • Healing frequencies to play quietly in the background that can relax/center you

  • A crystal to touch/hold in your hand as you meditate

  • A warm drink such as coffee or tea to sip on & calm you during this exercise

1. Begin by finding a quiet & comfortable space where you can sit or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes & take a few deep breaths to center yourself & clear your mind.

2. Once you feel grounded & relaxed, close your eyes & visualize a bright, glowing ball of golden light above your head. This light represents the energy of the New Moon in Taurus, radiating stability, abundance, & groundedness.

3. Imagine this golden light slowly descending down towards you, surrounding you with its warm & nurturing energy. Feel its gentle presence enveloping you, filling you with a sense of security & tranquility.

4. As you bask in the glow of the golden light, take a moment to reflect on areas of your life where you'd like to invite more stability & abundance. Visualize yourself already embodying these qualities, feeling grounded & secure in your being.

5. When you're ready, set your intentions for the New Moon by silently affirming your desires & goals. Be specific & clear with what you wish to manifest, & trust that the Universe will support you in bringing your intentions to fruition.

6. Spend a few moments in quiet reflection, allowing the energy of the New Moon to permeate your being & infuse your intentions with its power. Feel a deep sense of gratitude for the abundance & blessings that surround you.

7. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes & take a few more deep breaths. Carry the energy of the New Moon with you throughout your days, knowing that you are supported & guided by the Universe in manifesting your desires.

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