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The Hunter's Moon

In the Lunar Cycle, when we reach the Full Moon, it means the Moon has moved in its orbit allowing the Earth to be between the Moon & the Sun. The Moon becomes completely visible & illuminated - emitting a brilliance that calls us to embrace its energy. This month, the Full Moon of October is today, the 28th. As with last month's Full Moon, we will be able to enjoy the Lunar energy for a few days, & as it moves around the sunset, it should appear bigger, brighter, & even orange. So, let us all welcome the Hunter’s Moon!

The Hunter’s Moon is the name given to the first Full Moon that follows the Harvest Moon. Both these unique names are given to the Full Moons of fall because of the Autumnal Equinox. The name of this Moon originates from the fact that in ancient times, it was typically a signal for hunters to begin hunting in order to prepare for the upcoming winter. This was considered the ideal time to hunt for game, due to the fact that most animals are at their “fattest” since they have put on weight for the winter. It was also considered to be an easier time of the year to hunt because most fields, crops, shrubs, or trees are barren due to the seasonal change, making it easier for the hunters to spot out their game & have a clear range of target.

Other names associated with this Full Moon is Sanguine or Blood Moon, relating to the blood of animal hunting or even the color of the changing leaves. Many Indigenous cultures also know this Moon as the Drying Rice Moon, the Falling Leaves Moon, or the Freezing Moon.

This month is quite special as just a few weeks ago we got to experience the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, & now with the Hunter’s Moon we also have the occurrence of a partial Lunar Eclipse. According to studies, Eclipses of the Sun & the Moon usually come in pairs. A Solar Eclipse is typically always followed by a Lunar Eclipse just a few weeks after. This is because it takes approximately two weeks for the Moon to travel halfway around its orbit, coming back to alignment with the Earth & the Sun.

So what does this mean for us spiritually? Eclipses are known to bring change, transformation, & evolution. During a Lunar Eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the Moon, causing unconscious or hidden feelings to rise within, bringing us awareness & clarity. This shadow is believed to cause an emotional “reset”, bringing us to find a new found sense of inner balance, tranquility, & clarity. By having this reset, we will be able to remove any energy or vibrational blockages that have been harboring within our emotional, spiritual, physical & mental body.

This Full Moon is taking place in the zodiac sign of Taurus. This Earth sign is known to be loyal, humble, dependable, reliable, sensual, hard headed, graceful, & diligent. During this time, Taurus is calling us to find stability, but also to find joy in a stable life. This stability that is being encouraged of us, will be spread to all aspects of our lives even in our closest relationships, our internal conflicts, & financial concerns. Having this focus of balance pushed upon us will allow us to steadily create the dream future we yearn to have within, while also being able to find happiness & appreciation for all the simple moments along the way.

Things To Do this Weekend:

  • Self Care Rituals: This can look like a spiritual bath, getting some extra sleep, drinking some tea, or doing some at home TLC .

  • Cleanse & Clear: It is always ideal to cleanse, clear, & purify your home, sacred space, & yourself during major Lunar events. Burn a sage stick, use incense sticks or cones, light a smudge blend, use a cleansing spray, or even burn herbs such as sweetgrass.

  • Crystal Work: Now would be best to use some grounding crystals to harness the Full Moon energy. The best crystals for this time would be Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Labradorite, or Amethyst.

  • Moon Meditation: This could be as simple as just gazing at the Moon, or talking to it. Moon Meditation can be elevated when you take the time to reach a mindful state to truly be present in her eminence. Try utilizing your senses during this time to stay in tune with the moment, this can be done with essential oils, scented candles, teas, or burning of incense.

  • Practice Gratitude: Full Moon’s are a great time to practice being grateful. You can do this by making a Gratitude List. The key to manifesting our innermost desires is by being grateful for what we already have.

  • Grounding: Simple grounding techniques under the moonlight can strengthen your connection to the Moon, the Earth, & the sacred elements around you. You can never go wrong with practicing grounding.

  • Moon Water: The Lunar energy is very powerful at this time with the occurrence of the Lunar Eclipse. Make some Moon Water for yourself to store, drink or use in rituals at home. This is a great time to charge your crystals as well!

  • Honor Your Ancestors: This is something that can be done at home by simply praying to your ancestors, calling out to them, reflecting on their memory, or learning more about them. You can also honor their memory by creating an altar or looking through old photographs.

~ Blessings of Love & Light on this magnificent Full Moon!

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