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The Dream Meditation Oil is scented using a soothing, calming, & relaxing blend of oils, making it perfect for use as a before-sleep meditation aid.


Essential oils, when integrated with meditation, are a powerful tool that can help with focusing the mind, aligning the body, reducing & eliminating negative energy. This sacred oil is brought forth in a period of significant changes & transformations.


The Dream Meditation Oil reawakens, uniting the physical with the spirit of the plant to create a sacred dance. This oil helps one to relax, to let go, & to hear the voice of nature for nurturing our body.


All of our oils contain the Grandmother Plant. This powerful oil has nurturing qualities & is very effective in soothing our body, mind, spirit, & soul. The Grandmother Plant is beneficial in helping reduce anxiety, stress, depression, anger, panic, & other psychological imbalances.


Dream Meditation Oil

  • Contains Essential Oils such as:

    Slumber Oil, Lavender Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, & Tagetes Oil (Grandmother Plant).

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