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Flordemayo's Limpieza Sagrada Spray is made with a natural blend of ingredients meant for Spiritual Cleansing & Clearing.


The practice of Spiritual Cleansing is done for the purpose of purifying the spirit, mind, heart, & body from harmful energy. Creating a habit of spiritual cleansing is the best way to keep our mind, heart, & energy from becoming toxic. It clears & purifies the energy & air around us, releasing any stagnant or negative energy ... Making it an essential spiritual tool for when one does a ritual, cleaning, healing, blessing, or any other spiritual practice.


Spray it on your altar, sacred space, spiritual tools, in your home, or even on yourself!

Flordemayo's Limpieza Sagrada Spray

  • This 3.4 oz spray includes ingredients such as:
    Alcohol, Fragrance, Vetiver, Essential Oils

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