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The Harvest Moon

In the final stage of the lunar cycle, the Moon has moved in its orbit allowing the Earth to be between the Moon & the Sun. This allows the Moon to become completely visible & illuminated, emitting a brilliance that calls us to embrace its energy. Today’s Full Moon comes to us following the Autumn Equinox. It is actually a SuperMoon, & it is the last SuperMoon of 2023.

This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon. The Full Moon of September takes this name because it is closer to the occurrence of the fall Equinox. It is also in reference to the fact that the Full Moon rises at nearly the same time as sunset, giving farmers extra light to finish their harvests before it gets too cold. Other names given to this Moon are the Autumn Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, or the Moon of Brown Leaves.

"The Moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses."

The Harvest Moon will be in the sign of Aries, the ruler of the mind. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making them bold, confident, driven, & ambitious. This fire sign is bringing us the energy we need to get motivated … Motivated to move forward towards our goals, to grow within, to leave negativity behind, to be open to change, & to forgive ourselves. This Moon is here to clear our path & get us into alignment with destiny!

With the magical lunar energy in the air, we will all find ourselves gathering strength. The feminine energy of the Moon is guiding us to go within to find our inner warrior in order to move on to the next chapter of our lives. The Full Moon always brings along with it a time for reflection, & with the guidance we are given, we must find the power to realize & release what it is that is holding us back. Now is the time to free yourself from anything that is weighing you down, we must open our arms & welcome the blessings that are calling us forward.

Crystals to work with this Harvest Moon:

  • Amethyst for inner peace, a clear mind, tranquility, & mental stimulation.

  • Howlite for perspective, clarity, mindfulness, & patience.

  • Citrine for eliminating self doubt, good luck, inner power, & new opportunities.

  • Selenite for a lunar connection, cleansing, awakening & healing.

  • Lepidolite for emotional balance, accepting transition, calmness, & overcoming emotions.

Harvest Moon Ritual:

  1. Gather a glass jar, a ceremonial candle or long tapered candle, matches or a lighter, a bay leaf, & some salt.

  2. Once you have your items, go ahead & take a step outside! This ritual is meant to be done outdoors.

  3. Search for some dirt, soil, or sand & place a handful or two in the glass jar.

  4. In the jar, on top of the soil, sprinkle your salt & place in your bayleaf.

  5. Once your elements are in, take your candle & stick it in the jar.

  6. Light your candle that is now within the jar, hold it safely in both hands. ** If the glass begins to get too hot from the flame, please set it down in a safe area.

  7. Under the moonlight, with your elements jar in hand, offer a hello & a thank you to the Moon. Thank the Harvest Moon for the blessings of food we have to nurture our bodies, & thank her for sharing her illuminating energy for us to grow.

  8. When you are ready, pick at least one thing you want to release & let go of at this time. With this thing in mind, close your eyes & begin to chant … “I release, I release, I release … With love to all, & harm to none, I am ready to let this go.”

  9. Take a few deep mindful breaths.

  10. Now mentally think of at least one thing you wish to manifest this coming season. With your eyes closed, begin to chant … “I attract, I attract, I attract … With the support of the Divine, I am open to receive the blessings I am ready for.”

  11. Feel free to take a few more deep breaths, & say a quick prayer or mantra to bid the Moon a goodnight.

  12. Place your element jar somewhere outside that is safe, leave it outside & allow the candle to burn out on its own under the Moonlight.

  13. If you have any crystals, spell jars, moon water, or other spiritual tools you wish to charge … Place them outside with your jar to Moon bathe!

  14. Come morning, discard the candle wax, & you can return the elements back to the Earth.

~ Happy Full Moon!

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