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Mother's Day

"We are born of Love; Love is our Mother." ~ Rumi

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers & motherhood, as well as the maternal bonds & the influence of mothers in society. Mother's Day is a time for people to show appreciation & express gratitude to their mothers, grandmothers, & other maternal figures for their love, care, & support. Whether you celebrate with gifts, cards, flowers, or special gestures … The goal today is to make mothers feel cherished, honored, & to share our gratitude for them.

This day holds profound spiritual significance as it celebrates the Divine Feminine energy inherent in all beings. It's a time to honor the nurturing, compassionate, & intuitive qualities that mothers embody, reflecting the Divine aspect of creation & sustenance. The maternal bond symbolizes the interconnectedness of all Life & the nurturing essence of the Universe itself.

Beyond biological motherhood, Mother's Day invites us to honor the feminine principle present in all beings, fostering love, empathy, & healing. It's an opportunity to connect with the universal mother archetype, acknowledging the sacredness of creation & the eternal cycle of birth, growth, & transformation. Through honoring mothers, we acknowledge the Divine Feminine energy that permeates the cosmos, nurturing & sustaining life in all its forms.

Mother's Day Prayer

"Heavenly & Earthly energies,

We gather today to honor the essence of motherhood in all its forms.

We celebrate those who nurture, teach, & guide us —

Be they our biological mothers, adoptive mothers, grandmothers, aunts, mentors, or spiritual guardians.

We acknowledge the love & labor of all who assume the mother’s role with grace & strength.

Today, we also hold in our hearts those for whom this day brings complexity & yearning —

Those who have lost mothers, those with strained relationships, & those who yearn to be mothers.

May we all feel the embrace of compassion & understanding, finding solace in the community & the love that surrounds us.

Bless all those who nurture us,

From Mother Earth who provides us with our sustenance,

To the countless forms of family in our vast human tapestry.

May we honor their myriad sacrifices with gratitude & love, today & every day. 

Blessed be."

Simple Ritual to Honor Mothers


  • A small plant or flowers (symbolizing growth & nurturing)

  • Candles (one for each motherly figure you wish to honor)

  • Small pieces of paper & pens

  • A bowl of water (representing the nurturing qualities of Mother Earth)

  • Photos of your loved maternal figures (optional)


  1. Set Up a Sacred Space: Find a quiet & comfortable spot where you can set up your materials. Place the plant or flowers in the center as a symbol of Mother Earth. Arrange the candles around the plant. If you are using a photo, place the photos you wish to use in the center with the plants/flowers. 

  2. Lighting the Candles: As you light each candle, think of a motherly figure you wish to honor. Say their name aloud & express a heartfelt thanks for their nurturing presence in your life. This can be someone present in your life, someone who has passed, or a spiritual entity.

  3. Writing Notes: On the small pieces of paper, write down messages of love, gratitude, or memories associated with each person you're honoring. Reflect on what each person has taught you or how they've nurtured you. 

  4. Water Ceremony: Place the notes into the bowl of water. As you do so, visualize the water absorbing your messages & carrying them to the Earth & to those you wish to honor. The water symbolizes the flow of love & gratitude.

  5. Reflective Moment: Spend some time in reflection or meditation, focusing on the light from the candles, which represent the warmth & light brought into your life by these nurturing figures.

  6. Closing: To close the ritual, you might choose to say a few words of thanks to Mother Earth & all forms of mothers. Extinguish the candles safely, & if possible, plant the notes by burying them in the Earth under a tree or a plant in your garden as a way to physically manifest your gratitude.

This ritual allows participants to honor motherly love in its many forms, making space for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, to feel included & to celebrate nurturing bonds in their lives.

Reflecting & Sharing

The following questions/prompts highlight the themes of this holiday. Use these questions to reflect on memories, honor the maternal energy, find mental clarity or you can use them as journal prompts.

  • What is a valuable lesson you've learned from a mother figure?

  • Recall a happy memory with your mother or a mother figure. What made it special?

  • How has your relationship with this person changed or evolved over time?

  • What is something you wish you could tell them now?

  • Describe a moment when you felt supported or understood by a mother figure.

  • If there’s complexity or distance, what are your thoughts on healing or improving the  relationship?

  • What qualities or traits do you admire most in your mother or maternal figure? How have they influenced the person you are today?

  • In what ways have you experienced growth or transformation through your connection with maternal energy?

  • How do you express gratitude & appreciation for the nurturing energy in your life, whether from your mother or other maternal figures?

  • Reflect on the lessons you've learned from maternal figures & how they've shaped your understanding of love, compassion, & resilience.

  • Consider the ways in which you embody maternal energy in your own life, whether through caregiving, nurturing friendships, or supporting others.

  • How can you honor & celebrate the Divine Feminine energy within yourself & others on Mother's Day and beyond?

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