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Aquarius Full Moon

In the Lunar Cycle, when we reach the Full Moon, it means the Moon has moved in its orbit allowing the Earth to be between the Moon & the Sun. The Moon becomes completely visible & illuminated - emitting a brilliance that calls us to embrace its energy. August is a special month … Not only is today’s Full Moon a SuperMoon, but we have a second Full SuperMoon happening within the same month! When we experience a SuperMoon, the Moon is closer than usual to the Earth, making it brighter, bigger, & even more powerful.

The first Full Moon of the month is occurring today, August 1st, & is most commonly known as the Sturgeon Moon. It was given this name because the large sturgeon of the Great Lakes were most caught during this time of season. Sturgeon are unique fish, as they have been traced back to 136 million years ago, giving them the name of “living fossils.” The female sturgeon can actually live up to 150 years old!

What Does the Sturgeon Moon Symbolize?

  • Feeling & Practicing Gratitude

  • Self Satisfaction in Personal Work/Goals

  • Keeping on Track to Reach Your Highest Potential

  • Karmic Balance

  • Manifesting Abundance of Any Kind, & Enjoying it!

  • Being Okay with Change

  • Perseverance

This SuperMoon is in the placement of the air sign of Aquarius. The theme revolving around the Aquarius SuperMoon is healing & evolving the heart & mind. This lunar phase is meant for us to reflect & release, a time to be mindful & be honest about what is or is not working for ourselves. The sign of Aquarius is calling to us to let go of negative thinking & the limiting ideas we may have about ourselves.

Many may find themselves wondering where their place is in the world, & the Moon is here to give you your answer. We are being called to be our most authentic self! You are being asked to share your gifts with the world … Once we allow our gifts, talents, & true nature to be used & shared, we create beauty for others to enjoy!

This is a great time for receiving abundance as well, so manifest your desires! Align with the Universe, trusting that your needs are always met. There is magical energy in the air, emitting wisdom upon all of us.

Release all the doubts, questions, & lack of confidence you may have that's interfering with you reaching your true potential & stopping you from being who you want to be.

Below is a sweet simple ritual you can practice tonight to harness that Aquarius SuperMoon energy ...

This ritual involves washing your hands - sounds straightforward, but our intention & thoughts play a big hand in making this happen. Try to do this every time you wash your hands while the Full Moon is out, today & tomorrow! Follow the steps below:

1. When you begin the process of hand washing, take a moment to let the water run through your fingers, & all over your hands. Think about how sacred the element of water is, & feel gratitude for all it does for us. Say a quick thank you to affirm your gratitude:

“Water is life, & I am so thankful for having easy access to it.”

2. Now as you grab the soap to begin “scrubbing” your hands, Think about all the self doubt & negative thoughts you may have about yourself. Picture these limiting thoughts as words on your hands, & as you lather the soap & scrub your hands, wash these away. Scrub these words & thoughts off your hands, allow the soap to cleanse your skin, & allow the water to run them off your hands! Say or think to yourself:

“As the sacred water flows,

I let these restraints go,

& By doing so,

My being will continue to grow.”

3. As you rinse the soap & negative thoughts off your hands, begin to imagine your dream future. Picture all your desires & think about how much easier it will be for you to receive what you want to manifest now that these thoughts are “washed away” & cleansed from your body. Say or think to yourself:

“I know what I want,

& who I want to be,

The Universe is on my side,

& it loves me unconditionally.”

4. Once you finish cleansing your hands, dry them as you normally would. Say some of your favorite affirmations to yourself, some that make you feel good. Sit with your feelings while you do this. If you still feel discouraged, that is okay, allow the feeling to run though your body & try again. The goal is to walk away from this feeling “satisfied”, in a sense that you can walk away with a more positive outlook on the future & feeling better about yourself.

Other Practices/Rituals for today's Full Moon Magic:

  • Cleanse & Charge your Crystals! Today we are called to work with Jade, Moonstone, Amethyst, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, & Selenite.

  • Make Moon Water! Aquarius is the water bearer after all.

  • Use some Tarot cards if you need extra clarity or guidance on any unanswered questions you may have.

  • Light Candles, this is always a beautiful sacred way to support your intentions & embrace the lunar energy.

  • Journal, Writing down what you are thankful for!

  • Burn some Sage, Cleanse & Release that old stagnant energy so that you can be ready to receive.

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