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11/11 Energy

Today is 11/11, when the 1111 energy portal is now open. With this high frequency vibrations in the air, we are able to receive more light & energy than before. Today you may feel inspired to make strong decisions & show confidence in yourself. Allowing this energy of creation & light to flow through our bodies will lead to beautiful discoveries & manifestations. Our future is made in the present moment, & by accepting this moment, we can trust the Universe, & the Divine, will take care of the rest.

This portal is meant to represent a shift or awakening in our spirituality. It is meant to be a time of embracing positive energy in order to deepen our spiritual being. This sacred day also falls perfectly into the theme of transformation & growth we have been trying to embrace - to reflect on our past in order to find the changes necessary to reach the dream life we have been visualizing for ourselves.

This day is believed to be one of the most fortunate days to manifest - as this day opens the 1111 portal & presents the “1111” angel number. Angel Numbers are signs that our angels are trying to communicate messages to us. They are seen as sequences of repeating digits that can be spotted time & time again in our everyday routines. The sacred number 1111 strongly represents abundance, protection, spirituality, & faith. Our guardians are showing us this message as a sign to pay attention to where we are in our lives & how we feel. If you feel content with where you are at, this is evidence proving you are on the right path. If you feel a pause, it may be time to think about making some changes that will better your life.

The angel number 1111 resonates with:

  • New Beginnings

  • Moving Forward

  • Taking Action

  • Being Inspired

  • Success

  • Independence

  • Leadership

1111 is a reminder from your angels to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude & you will achieve all of your aspirations. Your prayers have been heard & it’s the perfect moment to turn the page & start a new chapter in your life. The Universe sends you a message that angels are on your side. Make sure to set positive intentions today for new beginnings!

Crystals for Today:

  • Citrine: Reduces Anxiety & Fear, Emotional Clarity, Prosperity, Luck, Confidence, Optimism, & Self Expression

  • Clear Quartz: Master Healer, Psychic Abilities. Healing, Energy, Universal Healing. Clarity, Focus, & Luck

  • Selenite: Aura Cleansing, Peace, Purification, Luck, & Abundance

  • Aventurine: Opportunity, Luck, Prosperity, Abundance, Personal Growth, Encouragement, & Perseverance

  • Amethyst: Healing, Tranquility, Psychic Abilities, Soothe Anxiety, & Strengthen Intuition

A Simple Guide for Today:

  1. Gather a few items such as a pen, paper, crystals, candles, or smudging tools.

  2. Cleanse your area with your sage, smudge blend, incense, copal, or spray.

  3. Light your candle & get settled in.

  4. Write down a list of your goals, dreams, & desires, make this list as detailed & clear as you can.

  5. With your crystals in hand, go through each item on your list & take your time to visualize it unfolding.

  6. As you visualize your manifestation coming to fruition in our mind, be very specific with how you would feel, how it would change you, how it would help you, how it would help others, etc.

  7. Once you are done with your visualizations, draw one big circle around your list.

  8. At the top of the page write, “1111 I claim this to be mine”.

  9. Fold your paper & place your crystals or spiritual tools on top of it.

  10. Leave these to rest in an open area in your sacred space for the rest of the day, & leave the candle lit next to it until it burns out on its own (if possible).

  11. Finish this small practice by giving gratitude to your spirits, guides, the Universe, the Divine, & whatever else you feel thankful for. Gratitude is the key to manifestation!

~ Happy 1111 Blessings!

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