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We are delighted to present the "Sacred Echoes Obsidian Prayer Hands."


These unique items have been spiritually charged over the past nine months, starting from last year's Eclipse Ceremony. Throughout this period, they have accompanied Grandmother Flordemayo on her travels, absorbing the energies of prayers, sacred ceremonies, time spent with Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Crystal Skulls, & participants.


As Grandmother Flordemayo says, "I am weaving the prayers. I am holding the prayers."

Obsidian is a powerful stone that guides one to the core of their being, to the seat of truth. It is a stone of integrity, offering profound soul cleansing by anchoring the spirit into the body to promote growth across all levels. It provides a protective shield against negative energies & serves as an excellent shamanic tool for clearing blockages & residues from the past. Obsidian clarifies the mind, dispels confusion & restrictive beliefs, & invites exploration of the unknown. It is exceptionally effective in deepening consciousness during meditation & in activating dormant abilities.

"Sacred Echoes" Obsidian Prayer Hands


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