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Flordemayo's Prosperity Oil is a sacred Meditation Oil. Attract the energy of abundance, wealth, prosperity, & good fortune.


This oil helps remove any financial blocks & manifest prosperous energy. Cultivate a positive relationship with money! As you use this oil, think of what you are wanting to manifest & what your intentions are. State them aloud or mentally visualize them with detail.


“I am in perfect alignment with the energy of wealth & abundance. I allow prosperity to flow into my life, as I am worthy of success & happiness!"


All of our oils contain the Grandmother Plant. This powerful oil has nurturing qualities & is very effective in soothing our body, mind, spirit, & soul. The Grandmother Plant is beneficial in helping reduce anxiety, stress, depression, anger, panic, & other psychological imbalances.

Flordemayo's Prosperity Oil

  • This includes ingredients such as:
    Essential Oils

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