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The Sacred Element of Water

We all know about the importance of Water in our lives. From using it for washing, cleaning, bathing, drinking, & other personal uses … to the role that it plays for the literal survival of all life on Mother Earth. Water is one of the four main elements of life. In ancient cosmology, the elements of Water, Air, Earth, & Fire, were seen as the “roots” of our being, to Earth itself. The meaning of Water lies in its reflection of all life & the interconnection of all creations. Water is life - but what does water mean for us spiritually & how can we use it in our spiritual practices?

Water symbolizes wisdom, peace, & purity. It is said to be, “the purifier of the soul”, because of its divine generosity to our being. The spiritual meaning of Water is strongly associated with our emotions. This element allows us to be one with the true meaning of life & our inner selves. It is a way for us to connect to the Universe, to nature, to Mother Earth, our Ancestors, & our Higher Self.

If we suddenly feeling an urge to be with Water, it can be a hint from the Universe that we feel a sense of unbalance. Think about the stillness of water, the flow of water, the fluidity of running water… We have all experienced a moment or time when we have found the “magic” of water, the magic being what it can do to center our inner self into a calm, tranquil state. This is the healing property that can be embraced by the sacred element of Water. Many believe that simply by looking at water, or being near it, can make them feel more connected to their life’s true purpose. As our emotions & lives are ever changing, so is Water.

Spiritually, water can also represent change. From the oceans crashing waves, to a calm body of water, from a violent storm, to the light drizzle of rain… Water finds the way to make room for calmness & clarity. Water brings a sense of hope, fading away negative emotions in order to return into its natural, still state of being. In many cultures or beliefs, Water also can be used as a blessing, bringing a sense of safety & protection.

Water is the life force that centers our spirit & our body. It is essential for life, & is an important element we need every single day. Water allows us to tap into our inner spiritual wisdom & our own conscious awareness. Take time to meditate with water, to ponder what it spiritually means to you… Honor it & it's never ending gifts to life & Earth.

Here is a simple ritual you can try to practice Meditating with Water:

* This ritual can be personalized or individual to you! Do it in your room, at your altar, or create your own safe space with crystals, candles, meditation oils, incense, etc. *

  1. Get a glass of water & find a safe, calm space to sit

  2. Hold it in both hands & close your eyes

  3. Smile & take a moment to think about the gratitude you have for water - what it means to you, what it provides you, what you use it for

  4. Now speaking out loud, Tell the water one thing you hope to happen or you want to manifest this week

  5. Take a few deep breaths, finding a sense of mindfulness or relaxation so you can center yourself

  6. Open your eyes

  7. Smile again, once more telling the water how much you appreciate what it does for you, life & earth

  8. Drink the water!

  9. Take this as a moment to yourself, drinking the water slowly, being present & imaging the miracles flowing into your life, changing your energy, & manifesting your miracle

“Water is sacred, you are sacred, bless yourself & know you have the knowledge,

you have the power, you have the protection.” – Grandmother Flordemayo

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