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The March Full Moon

The Full Moon is the “complete” lunar phase when the Moon becomes whole and appears fully illuminated. This phase is reached when Earth is located directly between the Sun and the Moon. Spiritually, the Full Moon symbolizes a time of completion, transformation, and releasing. With that being said, this moon phase is meant to be a time of reflection and reevaluating where we currently are in our lives. Typically, we will have a Full Moon once a month, since they occur every 28 to 30 days.

The Full Moon of March is known as the Worm Moon. Some believe this name originated from the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring, inviting the birds to come feed. While others have come to believe that this name is actually regarding beetle larvae, which make their appearance from the thawing bark of trees. Some cultures and tribes call this moon the Eagle Moon, Sugar Moon, or Sore Eyes Moon. Regardless of what you call it, all of these names that have been assigned to the March Full Moon are symbolic of the change in season. This month we will witness winter coming to an end, and spring coming to light.

The March Full Moon is in Virgo, opposite of the Sun in Pisces. Having the Moon in this placement can be seen as a type of "checkpoint", a time for us to examine our lives, health, and well being. When a full moon takes place in Virgo, it causes our minds to pay more attention to the details of our reality. By reviewing this, we will find that the energy of the Full Moon will reveal to us what needs cleaning, nurturing, organizing, and fixing in our current lives. During this reflection, we may discover new opportunities arise that can benefit our mental, emotional, and physical health. Now is also the time to release any negative energy, anxiety, criticism, or any other challenges that put a stop to your personal and spiritual growth.

The Full Moon in Virgo will carry an assertive energy that many find to be a kickstart to the new season. How can you benefit the most from this Full Moon?

Below is a Mantra to recite to yourself tonight during your favorite Full Moon Ritual:

“Beloved Moon shining brightly above,

In order for me to embrace new energy,

And new beginnings.

I release all that is holding me back,

And allow for all that is positive to be received.

I give gratitude for the gift you give,

To reflect, reassess, and release.”

Some questions you can ask yourself this Full Moon to reflect on where you are (these can be journaled, in thought, or said aloud):

  • Have I been of service to myself, my loved ones, and my community lately?

  • Have I been overly critical of myself or others?

  • Is there something I am doing or engaging in that I haven’t realized is possibly attracting negative energy?

  • What can I release to ensure I am attracting the right energy for myself and my well being?

  • What has been on my mind lately that has turned into a constant worry? Are these things in my control?

  • What areas of my life feel organized? And which do not?

  • What habit do I want to set as a goal to build for this Spring to come? What habit do I want to release as we say goodbye to Winter?

Some spiritual tools or items you can use to attract the energy of the Full Worm Moon:

~ Happy Full Moon! Sending a loving energy and prayers of light, healing, guidance, and gratitude.

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