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New Moon Water Ritual

Moon water can be extremely refreshing energetically, and it acts as a powerful tool for cleansing the body and home. This new moon is in the sign Gemini. Reflecting on your intake and sharing of information is sparked by this sign. In this blog, we will teach you how to create your own moon water for tomorrow night's new moon.

What You Will Need:

  1. A glass jar or container of your choice to put your water in

  2. Crystals of your choice


  1. Use a glass jar to fill with water. Alternatively, you can choose a container that matches the intention you are working towards with the moon if you already have a specific intention or goal in mind.

  2. Find a spot under the sky that speaks to you.

  3. Say an affirmation to the moon. What are you manifesting? What goals would you like to accomplish this next month? While setting these intentions, keep the zodiac sign of Gemini in mind.

  4. Integrate your crystals on top of your moon water jar.

  5. Leave your jar out overnight!

You can use your moon water for charging your crystals with energy, in a moon bath, in your tea, and for much more!

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