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Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals have been around for centuries, but in the most recent time they have started to become more popular within the last couple of years. With the chaos and stress many of us experience in the modern day, it is only natural to yearn for something that can allow us to feel grounded, soothe our stress, and calm our anxiety. Crystal healing therapy has blossomed as an alternative form of therapy and holistic healing. Crystals are different combinations of natural materials, minerals, and compositions that work with our energetic systems to bring a sense of purity, balance, and realignment.

There is a very large variety of types of crystals, each with its own unique composition, frequency, energy field, and healing properties. Although each one is individual, all crystals are stable and have energy that does not change. The combination of this energy and the healing properties work together to bring harmony to the human body, which in contrast to the crystals, has a very unstable energy field. The crystals work by channelizing inner energy levels that focus on healing the body on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, & mental.

The benefits of healing stones are endless, but many find that their mental wellbeing is what thrives the most. Crystals overall bring a feeling of increased tranquility, positivity, and focus. When deciding to choose what kind of crystal can help you, it is important to pay attention to their healing properties and decide which one can best align to the area of your life that you need help with. With that being said, it is also important to listen to your intuition when it comes to choosing a crystal for you. Use your senses to drive you to what you need, we energetically will reach out for what the body needs. Whether it be the color, the feel, the qualities, or size, listen to your body. Your gut will draw you in energetically to what it finds to be the most nurturing.

How to Use Crystals:

  • Lay the crystal along the Chakra line of the body to balance the energy field.

  • Use during meditation by choosing an intention on what you want the crystal to do.

  • Hold the crystal in your hand, focusing on your goal and silently repeat what it is you are seeking.

  • Simply have them around: in bathrooms, desk, bedroom, car, etc.

  • Wear your crystals as jewelry, a keychain, or in your pocket.

  • Create a crystal layout using a grid or mat.

  • Use in rituals or other spiritual practices.

  • Place them on your altar or safe space.

  • Use during your self care, such as in baths or skincare.

  • Cleanse and charge your crystals under the moonlight or in natural salts.

The Most Popular Crystals:


Jade Stone

Healing properties include:

Longevity, Purity, Luck, Wisdom, Peace, and Abundance

Rose Quartz

Healing properties include:

Unconditional Love, Relationships, Friendship, Fertility, Recovery, and Inner Peace

Clear Quartz

Healing properties include:

Psychic Abilities. Healing, Energy, Universal Healing. Clarity, Focus, and Luck


Healing properties include:

Aura Cleansing, Peace, Purification, Luck, and Abundance

Lapis Lazuli

Healing properties include:

Clarity, Creativity, Focus, and Tranquility


Healing properties include:

Healing, Tranquility, Psychic Abilities, Soothe Anxiety, Aid in Restful Sleep, and Strengthen Intuition


Healing properties include:

Protection, Purification, Absorbing Negative Energy, Cleansing, and Grounding

Tiger's Eye

Healing properties include:

Luck, Confidence, Resilience, Clarity, Focus, Protection, and Good Fortune


Healing properties include:

Grounding, Stress Relief, Confidence, Mental Enhancement, Protection, and Removes Anxiety


Healing properties include:

Self Love, Psychic Ability, Confidence, Stress Relief, and Improves Communication


Healing properties include:

Inner Peace, Tranquility, Independence, Emotional Balance, and Optimism


Healing properties include:

Reduces Anxiety and Fear, Emotional Clarity, Prosperity, Luck, Confidence, Optimism, and Self Expression


Healing properties include:

Endurance, Will Power, Energy Flow, Motivation, Absorbs Negativity, Grounding, Patience, and Stability

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