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Flordemayo's Sacred Spirituality Crystal Set is perfect for balancing or healing Chakras & assisting in one's spiritual journey through its soft, powerful energy & meditatiion. These stones help align ones 13 sacred energy centers, aura & chakras.


Wear the 7 chakra color bead lava bracelet to relax and balance your chakras. It is believed that by wearing the chakra beads, negative energy is absorbed and absolved from the body. The cleansing of this energy not only helps one feel better physically, but emotionally, mentally & spiritually as well. The chakras will be activated & open to allow a balancing flow of energy within. 


This set comes with:

Chakra Crystal Bracelet, Clear Quartz Pendant necklace, Rose Quartz heart & sphere, and 7 healing stones

Flordemayo's Sacred Spirituality Crystal Set


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