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Happy Birthday Flordemayo

Today, May 28th, we celebrate the birthday of our beloved, Grandmother Flordemayo. With another year, & another trip around the sun, Grandmother Flordemayo is now 74 years old. The angel number 74 is one of good fortune, & has strong energy of spiritual awakening & growth. In honor of Grandmother’s birthday, may we take a moment to reflect on her life & her work for humanity.


Grandmother Flordemayo was born & raised in Nicaragua, Central America; as well as having strong Guatemalteca roots. Flordemayo was named by her mother, who was inspired by the national flower of Nicaragua, the sacuanjoche. She was born in the time of year in which this beautiful flower blooms.

The "Sacuanjoche" also known as the Plumeria, May Flower, or Flor de Mayo

Grandmother Flordemayo is a Curandera Espiritu, a spiritual healer, & Mayan priestess. She was raised in a family of traditional healers, learning the art of Curanderismo from her mother at the young age of 4. As a seer, she can see other realms of color, light, & sound. With this gift, she is able to see the effects of existing imbalances on the physical, emotional, & spiritual realms within a person’s energy system.

Flordemayo as a young girl, dressed as "Little Red Riding Hood"

Grandmother Flordemayo uses the knowledge & teachings she has been passed on from her family, teachers, & ancestors to help others in healing & spiritual work. As part of her Mayan heritage, Flordemayo uses birthdates to calculate the Mayan Day Lord associated with one's time of birth. Each day sign holds the role of shaping & influencing the character, abilities, & professional preferences of individuals thus providing a source of insight for those seeking information about their life path. She translates this information for healing, clearing, personal guidance, or whatever is desired through intention.

“When we are born, we are born with a mission. We are given different tests in our lives so we can be familiar with all of the different realms of our journey.” – Grandmother Flordemayo

Crystal Skull Vision

Grandmother Flordemayo received a vision of Crystal Skulls after finding out that they are a large part of her Cosmic Chart. This began her journey of utilizing Crystal Skulls in her spiritual work & becoming a guardian to them. In ancient times, it was believed that Mayans who were dedicated to healing, had an obligation to get close to the skulls & work collectively with them. They believed it was the way they could communicate with the holy ones.

Mayan lore & traditions state that the Mayan people created 52 skulls that connect to the different cycles of one's life. There are different lords that help guide one through the 13-year cycles we experience going from birth to becoming an elder. Grandmother Flordemayo claims that invisible beings have said their communication goes through tangible things, because humanity feels more secure having dialogue with something they can see & touch, rather than having dialogue with an invisible voice.

Have you been feeling the calling or dreaming of becoming a Crystal Skull Guardian?

Please email Heather at

"I have been a skull carrier & ceremonialist for many decades. I believe that the skulls emit psychic energy, auras, & even sounds." - Grandmother Flordemayo

Crystals & Crystal Skulls have been used for energy & healing for thousands of years. Some people even believe Crystal Skulls can be used like crystal balls to see visions of the past, present, & the future. Skulls have the ability to hold, transmit, & share energy & information … holding ancient wisdom like a Universal Library. Ancient cultures believed they help provide wisdom, guidance, healing, & power. We receive our knowledge through the crystals!

Saving the Seeds

Born under the sign of Q’anil (seed), Grandmother Flordemayo sees her role as a cosmic germinator through teaching, community, manifestation, & development. She was led to this path after receiving a life changing vision during dialogue with the Beloved Mother. In this vision, Flordemayo finds herself sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back & forth while being lovingly guided to prepare seed bundles for humanity with prayer. This became a cosmic inspiration for Flordemayo to create, The Path, an organization dedicated to the conservation & preservation of heirloom & heritage seeds.

Seed Bundles prepared by hand, each one with prayer & love, by family & friends.

The Path is a Non-Profit Organization housed on a 40-acre property in Estancia, New Mexico. This is where Grandmother Flordemayo’s Seed Temple & Sacred Temples for Humanity are built & cared for with the help of members. The Seed Temple was created in 2012 & has served as a source of seed for the local area, such as the Estancia Seed Library, & for many individuals in New Mexico & elsewhere. The many gatherings on the site have involved educational classes, sharing of seeds, ceremony, & celebration of the spirituality carried in the seeds. The Path embraces all spiritual paths & aligns the teachings, events, workshops & practices of indigenous traditions & earth-based wisdom for the betterment & support of all beings.

Can YOU Help The Path?

Grandmother Flordemayo has traveled the world sharing her indigenous wisdom to many. Flordemayo has accomplished crucial work through her association with the The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers & her own personal missions with The Path & spiritual healing. Since Flordemayo felt a calling towards helping others heal, she was motivated to learn more about her background, roots, & ancestors in order to understand the gift she was given. She spent years traveling & learning from different cultures, traditions, & leaders to receive all the knowledge she needed to complete the missions given to her by the Creator.

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers is an international alliance of indigenous female elders that focuses on restoration of peace, justice, human rights, environmental protection, & the welfare of children & the elderly, for today & the generations to come.

May we wish Grandmother Flordemayo a beautiful 74th birthday, & many more to come! Love & Light ~

Interested in sharing your love to Grandmother Flordemayo for her Birthday?

Visit the page to her Birthday Fundraiser HERE

You can also send a birthday card or check to:

Grandmother Flordemayo

3103 North Maywood Avenue

Boise, Idaho 83704

*All donations are tax-deductible, with all proceeds benefiting The Path & Grandmother Flordemayo’s work for all of humanity.*

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