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Aries New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Today, April 20, we will be experiencing a rare astronomical event… a Hybrid Solar Eclipse paired with the New Moon! A Hybrid Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is almost too close to the Earth to completely block the Sun. This unique type of eclipse will appear as a total eclipse to some parts of the world while others will see it as annular. The New Moon is the first lunar phase, & means that the Moon is now located between the Earth & the Sun. Having these two events paired together will cause a shift in energy that all of us will feel. Now is the time to set intentions for who we see ourselves as individuals, as this will set the tone for what the rest of the year will look like!

This Eclipse is a powerful exchange of energy in terms of how you see yourself & what you are capable of manifesting in the world. It is the ideal time to get into alignment with your true nature & what your purpose is.

What can I do to prepare myself for this?

  • Tap into your inner self to find or confirm what you feel is your true purpose

  • Make greater attempts to connect with your higher spiritual self

  • Evaluate your current standing, decide on what needs to go & what needs to stay

  • Start something new or rekindle a passion once left behind

  • Be the best that you can be, you are unique as there is only one of you & only you know what you are truly capable of

The Aries New Moon & Solar Eclipse is here to help us ignite our inner fire & embrace our true potential!

Say this mantra to claim this power…

“I embrace the bravery & courage the Aries New Moon brings to me…

I have the power to make positive changes for myself, to reach my true purpose.

I will listen to myself, my body, my mind,& my soul…

I trust in my own strength & intuition.

I release all fears, doubts, & negativity that only serves to hold me back…

I allow myself to let it go.

I am open to new opportunities…

I accept the chance for personal growth & transformation.

I am ready to walk into my future…

I carry myself with confidence, purpose, dedication, positivity, & faith.

I am ready to step into my power…

As I know what is meant for me will come to me, & I trust that I am on the right path.

I am ready for new beginnings…

I welcome a life of abundance, peace, joy, love, & light!”

The New Moon phase is symbolic for new beginnings - this is the time we plant seeds for the future! It is the moment where we align ourselves with renewal & manifestation… If there is something you feel is lacking or missing in your life, this is your call to take action to fill that void or start something new!

Affirmations for the New Moon in Aries:

  • I welcome New Beginnings

  • I welcome Growth

  • I welcome Abundance

  • I am open to Transformation

  • I am open to Opportunities

  • I know What I Need

  • I have Faith I am on the Right Path

  • I am Ready

  • I give Gratitude to the Universe

This is the most important time to set intentions for your future… When you are in alignment with your purpose & your intentions, the Universe will listen, & it will guide you. Listen closely as the Universe speaks, pay attention to any messages or signs you may see appear… Have faith you will end up exactly where you belong!

Blessings ~ Happy New Moon!

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