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2024 Vision Board

“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” —Buddha

A vision board (or dream board) is a collection of images, words, and whatever else inspire and give you courage to reach your goals.. Visualizing and manifesting your future dreams and goals using a vision board is an excellent way to achieve them. An image, quote, or affirmation that represents your aspirations and goals makes up a vision board. By creating one, you can keep yourself motivated, focused, and inspired.

  1. Set Your Goals: This can include your aspirations for the year ahead and any thoughts or feelings you want to bring into your life.

  2. Find Your Images and Words and Add Them To Your Vision Board: Use Canva, internet searching, magazines, or old newspapers, to find images that inspire you. Choose images that resonate with you and your goals. You can also add quotes and affirmations that inspire you for 2024.

  3. Create a layout: After you have gathered materials , it’s time to create a layout for your vision board.

  4. Put your board together: Once you have created the layout of your board, it’s time to assemble it all. We suggest leaving some space for future additions or changes.

  5. Put your board on display: It is now time to display your vision board in a place where you can see it every day. Hang it in your bedroom, fridge, desk, or any other place where you spend a lot of time so you can be reminded by it. Take a few minutes every day to look at your vision board and visualize yourself achieving your goals.

Love, Light, & Blessings!

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