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This beautiful Tree of Life Gift Set is the perfect addition to your altar. The tree of life represents the afterlife and the connection between the earth and heaven. This beautiful box is perfect for altar offerings and much more. Abalone shells are composed of hardened shells from a variety of mollusks. Throughout time, the shells are polished from the continuous tides in the oceans. They can help calm or soothe any stressful or overwhelming emotions you may be feeling. White sage is a soothing and calming sage is a fan favorite because of its many uses and applications for meditation, relaxation techniques, cleansing & purification, and work with rituals and ceremonies. White sage has a gentle and beautiful presence. Smudging is known to bring health, prosperity and healing, and can be used in a ritual ceremony or house cleansing.


Whats Included:

Tree of Life Box (5x7")Abalone Shell, White Sage, Tripod, and Feather. 

Tree of Life Gift Set


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