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These Wild Humans by Courtney Feider, envisions a world where every woman is empowered to reclaim her wisdom, rejuvenate, and thrive. 


"We exist to inspire women to come home to their inherent wisdom so they can unlock their wild potential and reclaim sacred energy across their life. These Wild Humans is a sacred portal to self-transformation and life empowerment through reconnection with yourself and like-souled exceptional women."


Becoming a Wild Human is a self-guided embodiment journey unlike anything you have ever seen, designed to help you rapidly unlock your deepest potential for a more authentic, fulfilling life. Reconnect with yourself, relationships and home through spirituality, ancestral wisdom, and empowerment.


Becoming a Wild Human Sacred Portal is a call to community, connection, the collective, real conversations, reclamations, and embodiment practice and somatic experiencing. No homework, no videos, no checklists, no expectations. No one else to take care of.  Just YOU.


Relief, forgiveness, and celebration.

Reclamation of your peace, your choice, and your sacred energy.



These Wild Humans Guide to the Ancient Enneagram

  • Handout is available in a Digital Download as a free gift.

    File is downloaded in PDF format - Compatible with all devices.

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