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Wisdom, Renewal, Reverence, and Rebirth: The Sedona Sacred Reciprocity Gathering for Mother Earth invites us to delve deeper into our connection with the spiritual realm. Drawing inspiration from the Phoenix's legend, this gathering symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth, urging us to embrace our capacity for renewal and transformation. It is a testament to the enduring nature of the human spirit, mirroring the eternal cycle of life, death, and resurrection that the Phoenix embodies. In the spirit of Sacred Reciprocity, we invite you to join us, whether in person, virtually, or in spirit. By attending, sharing the event with friends, or contributing to our fundraiser, you partake in a reciprocal exchange that nurtures The Path's mission and the broader fabric of our shared existence. Your support and presence fuel our collective journey towards enlightenment, unity, and the nurturing of a harmonious relationship with our planet.


Meet the perfect welcoming doormat that you can now fully personalize. Each custom mat comes in a 24" x 16" size and is made with Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber, making it perfect for outdoor use. All mats feature black vinyl backing for increased stability.

- One size: 24" × 16" (61cm x 40.6cm)
- Material: Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber
- Black vinyl backing
- Mainly for outdoor use
- Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Bless Yourself Phoenix Doormat


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