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This gift set is perfect for the upcoming warmer months. Meditation oil is the perfect addition to any meditation ritual you enjoy doing. In addition to helping to center, ground, and focus the mind, these sacred oils also purify the body and reduce negative energy and self-talk. The Summer Solstice Meditation Oil is made up of the perfect blend of essential oils for the Summer. It signifies the time when the Earth is at the fullness of her strength, fertility, and abundance, pollinating our spiritual consciousness through sharing, and offering gratitude for the abundance that which we experience daily. The delightfully bold and fruity aroma is undeniably uplifting and brings positive energy. The Flordemayo Love & Light Meditation oil inspires creativity, passion, warmth, and peace. It encourages harmony in one's life and relationships and uses a blend that focuses on the second sacral chakra. This chakra is the base of creation, sensation, feelings, and relationships. The Flordeamyo Sacred Meditation reawakens, uniting the physical with the spirit of the plant, to create a sacred dance. This oil helps one to relax, let go, and to hear the voice of nature for nurturing our body. This sacred oil is brought forth in a period of time when there are great changes and transformations.

Sweet Summer Meditation Set


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