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The Buddha's head holds the secrets of enlightenment within it representing the wisdom, and knowledge of the Buddha. It radiates calmness, and composure in meditative stillness. By keeping Buddha's head around it invokes peaceful and harmonious energy into the atmosphere to help with calmness. 


Obsidian draws one inward to the center of the Self, to the place of truth. It is a stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing, anchoring the spirit into the body to stimulate growth on all levels. It blocks harmful intentions by providing a shield for the aura and is an excellent shamanic tool for removing blockages and debris from the past. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, discharging confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploration of the unknown. It is highly effective for expanding consciousness in the meditative state and for activating untapped abilities.


Small Obsidian Buddha Head


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