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The Tree of Life represents harmony and balance in nature, rebirth, and a connection between the earthly and the spiritual. Trees are symbols of strength, individuality and expression, calmness, growth, and the interconnectedness of everything. In some traditions, the Tree of Life symbolizes eternal life and the continuation of life after physical death.  In other traditions, the Tree of Life symbolizes the cycle of life and the unity of all living things. It symbolizes spiritual growth and the journey toward enlightenment or union with the divine. In some interpretations, the Tree of Life represents the balance and harmony of the universe and the unity of all living things. 

Everyone has their favorite blankie; if not—this will be it. This super cozy blanket is beautiful with the tree of life, love, light, and blessings. It comes in multiple sizes so anyone can enjoy it—toddlers, grown-ups, even your four-legged best friends. The 2" stitch makes sure the blanket's borders stay intact. It's made from a super-soft fleece that'll be decorated with your eye-catching designs in picture-perfect quality.

- Material: 100% polyester
- Available in 3 sizes
- One-sided print
- 2" stitched edge

Sacred Tree of Life Velveteen Minky Blanket