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Experience Lifetime Memories at Home with Live Stream + MORE!


Package 4 includes:

  • 11 Recorded LiveStream Videos from The Sacred Reciprocity Gathering for Mother Earth

  • A blessed Crystal Skull from Grandmother Flordemayo


Did you miss our Gathering? Do not fret! You can still be apart of the magnificent wisdom, healing, magic, ceremony, & guidance!


The Sacred Reciprocity Gathering for Mother Earth was a powerful & timely spiritual retreat for unity, healing, & awakening at this pivotal moment on Earth. Indigenous Elders, Seed Keepers, & progressive spiritual voices came together in guidance, blessings, sacred ceremony, & higher wisdom.


This beautiful e-handout is a digital download, which includes the exclusive link to the video cache where you can access all the Recorded LiveStream Videos of the event. Having the ability to access these videos is so simple, & convenient, so you can watch any time from home!


By purchasing Package 4 you will gain organized access to all 11 recorded videos, each video ranges between approximately 22 minutes to almost 2 hours. This package also includes a blessed Crystal Skull from Grandmother Flordemayo - mailed to you after purchase.


Adding a Crystal Skull to your video ceremony at home, helps bring you good energy, raising higher vibrations & frequency within your sacred space ... Allowing you to fully embrace the spiritual energy & benefit from the magic you will learn on screen. Healing crystals & crystal skulls can also help you realign & recalibrate your energy. Through their powerful vibrations, healing crystals act as tools to raise your vibration & create lasting change across all areas of your life. They hold transformational energy that empowers you on your journey, no matter your goal. 


This journey together invokes & honors the four sacred elements & the four sacred directions. Along this journey, we encourage you to grow spiritually, like a sacred seed - being nurtured along the way with wisdom, guidance, & prayers ... From the wisdom of each session, the wisdom shared in the sacred circle, & wisdom within yourself. This sacred gathering was a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event you don't want to miss! 


LiveStream Recording - Gathering for Mother Earth (Package 4)


    Handout with All LiveStream Access is available as a Digital Download after purchase.

    File is available to download in PDF format - Compatible with all devices.

    After purchase, you will be contacted via email to confirm the mailing address. Shipping costs may apply for tangible items depending where you are located.

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