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Flordemayo's Sacred Elements Oil is set of 4 a Meditation Oils, dedicated & inspired to the 4 sacred elements, & the 4 directions.


“Earth is for the body, Air is for the mind, Fire is for the spirit, & Water is for the heart.”


When we connect to the 4 sacred elements, our inner & outer worlds align. Having this connection to nature nourishes our mental, spiritual, physical, & emotional being. Collectively, these sacred elements will encourage you to grow personally & spiritually, like a sacred seed.


Discover balance, harmony, peace, light, bliss, & enlightenment. May we always give great gratitude & love to our sacred Mother Earth for all that she provides to us.


All of our oils contain the Grandmother Plant. This powerful oil has nurturing qualities & is very effective in soothing our body, mind, spirit, & soul. The Grandmother Plant is beneficial in helping reduce anxiety, stress, depression, anger, panic, & other psychological imbalances.


Flordemayo's Sacred Elements Oil

  • This includes ingredients such as:
    Essential Oils

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