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Throughout history, the ram has been a symbol of strength, courage, power, and determination in many cultures. The ram skull is a beautiful altarpiece used to symbolize the strength and fortitude of the human spirit. Indeed, the ram is the astrological symbol of Aries. This zodiac sign stands for rulership. It appears at the beginning of the zodiac spectrum. The ram comes into your life to help you deal with your current situation. Do you have aspects of your life that seem overbearing? Invite the ram spirit guide into your life to help you resolve this situation.


The color yellow is primarily associated with spreading happiness and joy. However, it is also the ideal color for symbolizing friendship. Yellow flowers can be used to better someone’s day and increase the positive energy in a room. Flowers convey beauty, joy, and eternity, which are beyond the sorrows and worries of the world around us. The color green in nature and green flowers can be associated with rebirth and renewal. Additionally, the color green symbolizes good health, good fortune, and youthfulness. 


4.5 inches 

Sacred Ram Skull & Flower Altarpiece (Yellow & Green)


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