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Summer Solstice

This year, Summer Solstice lands on today, the 21st of June, officially marking the first day of summer. The astronomical event that establishes this day as the beginning of the summer season occurs as the Sun travels along its northernmost path in the sky. This results in it being the longest day & shortest night of the year!

The origin of the word “solstice” is translated from the Latin word solstitium, sol meaning sun, & stitium meaning still. This name comes from the movement of the Sun on this day … When the Sun reaches its northernmost point in the sky, it does not allow the Sun’s path to change for a brief period of time, making it “still”. Because of this occurrence, that is why it is considered the “longest” day of the year, giving us an extended amount of sunlight hours. After the solstice, the Sun reverses course & heads back in the opposite direction.

Some may know Summer Solstice as Litha, a word meaning light. Litha is the celebration of Summer, growing crops, the Sun, & abundance. Litha is from Pagan origin & is also commonly known as Midsummer’s Night. Some popular symbols of this holiday are bonfires, sunflowers, sunwheels, flower crowns, & of course the Sun. It is a day to honor the beauty of Mother Earth & to be grateful for the abundant blessings in our lives!

This day reminds us to celebrate the sacred light of the Sun & the light within each of us! The Sun represents life, providing us energy, power, positivity, & clarity. It shines upon the world around us … Helping living creatures navigate the planet, allowing crops & plants to grow, & nourishing all life with its illuminance. Summer Solstice represents the action of nourishment … Just as the Sun nourishes us, we can nourish ourselves & those around us. Just like the Sunlight, our light can reach the ends of the Earth, making change & providing guidance or inspiration.

This is a time to work on ourselves! To find the light, within ourselves & our spiritual journey. As we transition seasons, many of us may find ourselves experiencing big transitions in life. For some, this may bring feelings of uneasiness or uncertainty, but it is important to have faith. This is the rhythm of nature! Summer is the reminder of hope, as light always overcomes darkness. No matter what difficulties come our way, we must trust that there is always hope, & just as the sun rises each & everyday, so will you.

How you can celebrate Summer Solstice:

  • Light a yellow, gold, or orange candle

  • Use symbols of the Sun

  • Make a flower crown, flower wreath, wand, or doll

  • Hang a suncatcher

  • Spend some time in nature

  • Take time to watch the Sunrise or the Sunset

  • Create an altar using herbs, flowers, fruits, candles, & crystals

  • Have a special meal using seasonal produce or herbs

  • Celebrate the element of fire with a Bonfire

  • Pick wildflowers or gather herbs

  • Honor the Four Directions & express gratitude

~ Happy Summer Solstice Blessings!

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