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New Moon in Cancer

Today we welcome & embrace the New Moon of July. A New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle & is typically only in view as a thin crescent of light. This lunar phase brings in new energy, encouraging us to set new intentions but also to reflect on previous chapters of our lives. Think of this as a “restart” … The New Moon calls upon us to honor the divine cycles we have been through on our life path, in order to adjust & align ourselves with fresh intentions so that we can continue to move forward, ultimately leading to our truest self.

This New Moon is in the Water Sign of Cancer. Because of the nurturing energy of Cancer, it rules the homes & foundations we make - physically, emotionally, spiritually, & mentally. Cancer brings our focus to our emotions & our heart, making this a time where we may feel more sensitive. It is possible we may even feel some emotions or worries in our heart arising that are distinct to us. If so, this is where one must really pay attention & consider those feelings.

It is believed that the zodiac sign of Cancer, carries a strong connection with the past, in memory & emotional pain. With that being said, be aware this New Moon energy can draw out inner emotional wounds that may seem unnerving or uncomfortable. It is important we stay calm during this time … Reminding yourself that this is coming to the surface in order to bring understanding to your past & how it has transformed you into the person you are today. Be gentle & patient with yourself today! It is important you try to process what comes through during this time & recognize any patterns or habits that may be provoking these wounds to resurface.

We will find ourselves in a Cardinal grand cross, opposed to Pluto in Capricorn & squaring the North Node which is now moving into Aries with the South Node moving into Libra for the next 18 months.

New Moon Rituals & Practices for You:

  • Take a Spiritual Cleansing Bath: The practice of Spiritual Bathing is essential when it comes to clearing emotional baggage, even ancestral trauma. It prepares the body, mind, heart, & soul for healing!

  • Meditation: This can be especially helpful today in allowing one to calm the emotions that are stirring up. It is grounding, & can also allow one to be present with the emotions that arise so that they can be processed. You can take this practice to a new level by incorporating aromatherapy with essential meditation oils.

  • Light a Candle: Not only can lighting a great candle make one feel better, but it can also be a great tool when setting new intentions. Using the element of fire harnesses powerful energy that sets manifestation into motion. This can be done with any kind of candle, but using colored chime or ceremonial candles takes that energy kick up a notch by aligning your new intentions with the corresponding color.

  • Spend Time at Home: Right now it is best to be in your “Sacred Space”, a place where you feel safe & secure.

  • Connect with Nature: Spending some time in nature may be the best medicine for some of us. Practice grounding, soak in some sun, go on a walk, or simply spend a few mindful moments outdoors.

  • Enjoy a Cup of Tea: Sipping a cup of Tea can allow one to really be in the moment. This will help in focusing & reflecting on what needs some attention today. Not to mention how soothing & calming the effect of drinking Tea is.

  • Clean, Declutter, or Organize: This is a great time to clear or clean up your home or sacred space in order to welcome the new energy. Doing this also will align us with the energy of Cancer as we are nurturing & caring for our home.

  • Connect with Your Emotions: This can be a great time to journal, or even just sit with your thoughts. Some people may even enjoy having a conversation with themselves or prefer mirror talk with affirmations. Regardless of how you prefer to tap into your feelings, it is important that we make a connection with the heart today.

Questions to Guide Your Thoughts Today:

  • Am I being honest with my loved ones about my thoughts & needs lately?

  • Are there any areas within myself or my life that I feel are being neglected? How can I better take care of myself?

  • What does my ideal home life look like?

  • What can I give gratitude for lately? Can I make more room to practice giving gratitude in my daily life?

  • When I focus on my inner thoughts & emotions, What is my heart telling me?

  • Is there anything in my current life that is calling me to surrender or leave it behind?

  • What is holding me back from becoming the person I ultimately want to be? Are there changes that need to be made?

Mantra for July New Moon:

“I allow healing of any kind,

To enter my heart & create peace of mind.

As I heal, I know I’ll be fine,

My body a temple & souls divine.

My chakras are aligned,

I am free.

All I desire,

Will come to me.”

~ Mystical Enchantments

Crystals to Utilize Today:

  • Carnelian: A stone of stability, it releases the old & grounds one into the present. Protects the mind & heart from feelings of resentment or pain.

  • Amethyst: Inspires spiritual healing & can help balance emotions. Amethyst also soothes anxiety & relieves stress, providing one a clear & calm mind.

  • Pink Opal: Balances & heals emotions as well as clears & calms the heart. Pink Opal provides a peaceful & tranquil energy.

  • Selenite: Essential when it comes to cleansing negative, harmful, stagnant energy. Selenite brings emotional stability, peace, & clarity.

  • Rose Quartz: Stone of unconditional love, allows for self love & nurturement, while also encouraging self compassion & emotional healing. Rose quartz is beneficial in soothing & healing trauma.

  • Clear Quartz: Master healing stone, it provides mental clarity & emotional tranquility. Clear Quartz also transmutes harmful energy.

  • Smokey Quartz: Allows one to let go of bad habits & patterns, as well as overcome & release emotional blockages.

  • Lapis Lazuli: Overcomes negative feelings, allowing one to release emotional trauma & provides breakthroughs. Lapis Lazuli is very supportive in emotional healing.

  • Moonstone: Brings a gentle & soothing energy, provides inner tranquility, feelings of security, & emotional healing.

~ Blessings of Love & Light

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