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Mercury Retrograde

Did you know, we are experiencing several Planets in Retrograde right now? A Retrograde occurs when a Planet seems to move backwards in its orbit. But this is just how it appears, the planet does not actually move physically. This illusion is due to how the Planet & Earth position themselves upon their movement around the Sun. To the spiritual self, a Retrograde can have an impact on us in many ways, as it pulls & moves energy inward. It is believed that each Planet Retrograde, can affect specific parts of ourselves & our lives!

As of yesterday, August 23rd, we are now in the midst of Mercury Retrograde until September 15th. In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of communication, intuition, memory, & transportation. With that being said, this is the time to slow things down a bit, reevaluate, & pay attention to the small details. The focus will be put on communication & the personal matters you are currently attending to. For those that feel confused or distracted, now is the opportunity to take some time to reflect on getting organized & improving the communication in our lives. Many may even find certain situations or people from the past returning, with the expectation to tie up loose ends or to close open chapters.

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Although Retrogrades get a bad reputation, it is not necessary to fear them. We must embrace them & use them as a tool to reflect, reconnect, & realign. The energy the Retrograde presents to us is meant to draw us to our inner world. We must pay attention, pause, & be patient. This moment has arrived to enrich our inner self, strengthen our intuition, & deepen our psychic abilities. There are things within each of us we have yet to discover, & Mercury Retrograde has arrived to remind us to connect with our spirituality & recognize our wisdom. We are being guided to have patience & to learn to accept, instead of rushing ahead or looking for answers. All is done in Divine timing!

Positive Ways You Can Embrace Mercury Retrograde:

  • Meditate or Practice Mindfulness

  • Find New Ways to Express Yourself

  • Make Peace with Your Past

  • Double Check Small Details

  • Pay Attention to Your Time Management

  • Work with Spiritual Tools, such as Crystals

  • Practice Using Uplifting Affirmations & Mantras

  • Review, Reflect, & Re-Examine

  • Try Doing Shadow Work

  • Shift Your Perspective or Mindset

  • Let Go of Expectations

  • Release Self Doubt

  • Focus on Self Reflection

  • Organize, Prioritize, Declutter, & Clean Your Sacred Space

  • Take Time to Relax

  • Nourish Yourself

  • Make Time for Friends & Family

A Sweet Ritual for You ~ Rose Quartz Meditation

  1. Start by gathering these few items - a Rose Quartz Crystal, Smudge or Incense Stick, Retrograde Oil (or any of your favorite essential oils you have on hand).

  2. Find a nice quiet spot to sit down, this can be in your sacred space at home, outdoors, or wherever you go to find some peace.

  3. Before you sit down, take a few deep breaths to release any doubts, fear, or negative energy. Keep in mind we want to do this practice with a positive mindset!

  4. Once you feel ready, Light your smudging tool & “cleanse” the space you are in, including the exact spot you plan on sitting in. Make sure you cleanse your crystal &/or any other spiritual tools you may be using at this time.

  5. Now you can sit down & get comfortable.

  6. Roll some Retrograde Oil on the inner parts of your wrist, the neck area behind your ears, & on your collar bones.

  7. Grab your Rose Quartz Crystal & bring it to your chest, over your heart. Keep your hand here with the Crystal in your palm.

  8. Close your eyes & begin to take several deep breaths. Inhaling & exhaling, deeply & slowly.

  9. As you are breathing, envision your dream self & dream life in your mind. Sit with that thought for a moment, & think about all the uplifting emotions you will feel.

  10. With your eyes still closed, crystal in hand over your heart, & continuing to breathe steadily … Begin humming. Don’t overthink it, just gently hum outloud a few seconds at a time, making sure to feel the vibration of the humming within you.

  11. As you are humming, imagine a light shining down upon you, focusing on your crystal & your heart. Picture this light as love, & your crystal is taking this love, charging it, & transcending it into your heart.

  12. Do this for a few moments. Remember to feel the vibration, feel the warmth.

  13. Once you are done, say a small prayer, mantra, or affirmation to yourself to close your meditation. An example of something you can say: “I am love. Every piece of my being, Every part of my soul, Every moment of my life, Is surrounded by Love. Love lives within me, Love is me, I am love.”

~ Blessings!

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