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March Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Today is the March Full Moon in the Earth sign Virgo! This Full Moon is also known as the Worm Moon. Full Moons are a perfect time to set new intentions and have a fresh restart going into the last of the month. We have created a manifestation ritual to assist you in solidifying your intentions.

What you will need:

  • A small altar ar table

  • Inspirational objects (photos, candle, crystals, incense, and anything else you would like to add)

Now that your altar is complete, relax your mind and take a few deep breaths to start your meditation as you focus on what you'd like to manifest. Let go of any negativities or judgments and visualize yourself attracting exactly what you desire. You can use these sacred altar objects as points of focus for your meditation.

Wishing you a happy full moon!

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