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July Full Moon

Today, July 3rd, is the Full Moon of this month. This is actually the first SuperMoon of the year, carrying with it major illuminating energy. SuperMoons occur when the Moon’s orbit is closer than usual to the Earth, appearing brighter & bigger, making its effects more pronounced & energy more powerful. When we reach the lunar phase of the Full Moon, it is a significant point in time in our spiritual journey … We are given the opportunity to take a step back & interrogate or assess where we are in reaching our goals & how we can stay committed to them. This is a monthly culmination point in which we can shift, change, & release anything we need to.

The Full Moon of July is most commonly known as the Buck Moon. This is because this time of year is when the antlers of male deer, or bucks, are in full growth mode. Each year bucks shed & regrow their antlers, growing a larger & stronger set each time.

Today’s SuperMoon is in the placement of Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign that typically deals with power, authority, structure, & long-term planning. Because the Full Moon lands in this zodiac sign, now is a time to reflect on the work, time, & effort we have been putting towards any personal long-term projects or goals. The powerful energy we feel illuminating upon us today is allowing us to find clarity in our purpose or passions.

It is important we take some time today to contemplate what it is that makes us feel fulfilled, or complete. This will give us certainty on our vision of the future & allow us to take that step forward in actually making things happen. This SuperMoon will be shining its light on all the gifts you have to offer this world … Inspiring us to stand tall & embrace any challenges ahead, turning them into stepping stones instead of obstacles. This allows us to reset & release any lingering doubts, fears, or blockages. You will make big strides in your journey of personal growth!


I deserve everything good that is coming to me!

SuperMoon Magic You Can Do Today:

Meditate with Moonlight - Embrace the power of the Buck Moon by meditating & basking under its radiant glow … This will clear a direct connection to the SuperMoons energy, providing clarity & resilience.

Get Your Goals - Capricorn is organized & planned … Use this time & energy to set clear, actionable goals or to adjust some you may already have. Write them down, reflect on them, journal, make a vision board, or simply shout them out loud! Align your ambitions with this energy to make your missions a success.

Lunar Liberation - Release what no longer serves you. Light a candle, think & write down any emotional baggage you wish to discard. What habits, fears, or limitations do you wish to shed?

Make Moon Water - Collect fresh water in a glass or bottle & set it out under the moonlight overnight! Use this in baths, rituals, cleansing, or simply drink it.

Cleanse & Charge Crystals - Full Moon light & energy is great for expelling any negative energy harnessed in your crystals. Set them under the moonlight to cleanse & recharge so they can be as powerful as ever!

Crystal Support - Use Tiger’s Eye for luck, Carnelian for confidence, Jade for good fortune, & Amethyst to tap into your spiritual self.

~ Happy Full Moon!

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