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Happy Grandparents Day

Dear friends, today we celebrate Grandparents Day! National Grandparents Day is honored on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Many people are not aware of the fact that there is a Grandparents Day, but it is a wonderful day that can be compared to Mothers Day or Fathers Day. This celebration is about recognizing the important role Grandparents play in our lives & honoring the special connection between a Grandparent & their grandchildren.

This holiday was originally created in 1978 with the first Grandparents Day being celebrated the following year. The purpose of this special day is wanting to educate society about the importance of seniors & the contributions they have made throughout history. Honoring grandparents is actually a common holiday, with set days all over the world!

“Who gave us love and guidance?

Who showed us wrong from right?

Who was there when we needed confidence?

Who tucked us in at night?”

Apart from recognizing the loving care, attention, & endless supply of gifts our elders provide, Today is also the day we take action to repay the favor! Grandparents are honored & receive gratitude for their strength, kindness, nurturing, & wisdom. This day is also an important reminder to cherish the moments & time we have with them, making sure to create lifelong memories.

Did You Know … ?

There is actually a national flower for this day, it is the Forget-Me-Not flower, also known as Myosotis or Scorpion Grasses.

How Can You Celebrate Grandparents Day?

  • Visit the lovely Elders in your life today

  • Read a book with them

  • Take a walk together or spend some time in nature

  • Have a Genuine Conversation & Share family stories of their lives, memories together, or your family’s history

  • Look through family photos together

  • Go out as a family (Eat at a restaurant, movies, park, etc.)

  • Cook a meal for them or do it together

  • Do an activity at home such as an arts & crafts activity

  • Have a virtual celebration, a coffee or lunch date

  • Have a family game night

  • Volunteer at a retirement home

  • Gather as a family in remembrance to honor those grandparents, grandfriends or older caregivers who are no longer here

  • Plant a tree or flower in loving memory of a loved elder that is no longer here

  • Dance with your grandparents!

“Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another.”

~ Richard Garnett

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