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Full Moon in Leo

Once a month, the Earth lands directly between the Sun and the Moon, bringing the Moon to it's complete illumination phase. This astronomical occurrence is what we have come to know as the full moon. The full moon for this month takes place today, Sunday, February 5.

This full moon is known as the Snow Moon, simply due to the fact that it takes place in the middle of the Winter Solstice and because of the snowfall we see during this time of year. Native American tribes throughout history believed every full moon had a connection to animals, resulting in the creation of alternative names, such as the Eagle Moon or Bear Moon. At one point, it had even been known as the Hungry Moon because of the food scarcity that took place in the winter season.

Although we are in the season of Aquarius, the Snow Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Leo. With the full moon being in this fire sign, we can expect the theme of confidence to be floating in the atmosphere. Allow this energy to embrace you, use it as a time to feel proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. This moon phase is meant to bring encouragement within, the encouragement to help us feel more confident. The sign of Leo rules our heart, our individuality, and our self-expression. It is what sparks inside of us, ignites the fire that glows within, it is the light we bring to our lives and those around us. Do not feel afraid to be seen - own the person you are, and do it with pride!

Currently, all of our planets are direct and moving forward, meaning none of them are in retrograde. With that being said, we can expect Uranus to be active at this time and connect with the moon. The energy we will be receiving from Uranus will bring new perspectives to our eyes, giving us access to our higher wisdom. This change of view will also assist us in realizing what it is that is no longer serving us at this point in our lives. Accept this energy as an opportunity to make any changes necessary in order to remove the things that may be holding you back. After all, Uranus is known as the planet of “Great Awakening”.

As the Sun & the Moon gaze at each other from across the galaxy, we will be gifted with answers, visions and clarity. The magnificent occurrence of a full moon always offers us the ability to become aware, find fulfillment, see the truth, and release anything we have repressed. The Leo Full Snow Moon is one of self-reflection, with the purpose of bringing us to the highest version of ourselves, our divine sacred self. Take the time today to be honest with yourself, bring awareness to your fears, share your talents, and find what you need to experience pure joy. Be true to yourself, be proud of where you stand and keep moving forward with love and light in your heart everyday!


Want to honor the Full Moon today?

Follow the steps below for a sweet, simple ritual that will bring you the release the Full Moon is offering …

Find a moment today to connect with fire, and your heart… Use the element of fire to honor our sign of Leo.

1. On a piece of paper, write down any fears, blockages, doubts, or negativity you may be feeling. Take your time with this, be mindful of what thoughts and feelings arise, the goal is to release what is being repressed or remaining stagnant.

2. Once you have written your list, begin to fold the paper away from you. By folding the paper away from the body, we are envisioning ourselves pushing the energy of what we have written down away from us.

3. Fold the paper 5 times total. Five is the number that corresponds to today's date, according to numerology. The spiritual meaning of the number five is personal freedom, individualism, motivation, courage, creativity, transformation and turning experiences into life lessons.

4. Once folded, hold the paper in your hand and place it on your chest, over your heart. Say to yourself,

“With love to all and harm to none,

I speak to my beloved moon, and sacred sun.

I release all these blocks and leave them behind,

They are no longer for me, my heart, or my mind.

I grant myself freedom from my past,

Who I am today, tomorrow I will surpass.

With light in my heart, I will continue my days,

I thank you for the completion of this phase.”

5. Place the paper in a fire safe bowl, receptacle or area.

6. In a well ventilated area, or outside, light the paper on fire.

7. Sit with your paper as it burns. Take this time to take deep breaths, imagining that every time you exhale, you are releasing the energy, thoughts and emotions you are letting go.

8. After the fire has gone out and your paper is now ash, release the ashes, allowing the air and wind to carry the energy away.

9. In your own words, give thanks once more to our sacred Full Moon

~ Happy Full Moon!

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