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Feminine May Full Moon Ritual Blog

"Rising up from the ashes airing those flickering flames. I'll reassemble myself becoming the goddess of flame.” -Misbah Abu Obaida Khan.

Tuning into nature is an important key to living a healthy life. You can ground and calm yourself by being in nature. Surrounding yourself with nature has a calming and grounding effect. When the full Moon arrives, you might find it helpful to call out to nature to release any unrest or gain clarity about unanswered questions. You can improve your body's synchronization with nature by spending time outside. Take a walk or hike in the woods, or find a place to sit quietly and take in the beauty.

Most women's cycles are not perfectly aligned with the moon, but we do experience a similar energetic phenomenon during the course of our full menstrual cycles - from the beginning of our period to the beginning of ovulation and then back to the beginning.

Getting in tune with the moon tonight can help regulate your hormone imbalances. Bring your crystals with you outside and place them in your hands or on your body. We recommend The Divine Goddess Set

which includes a rose quartz crystal and an amethyst crystal. These beautiful goddess crystals were hand-carved with love and light. Rose quartz is a stone of the heart, a crystal of unconditional love. Its soft feminine energy brings compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Directly addressing the heart chakra, it dissolves emotional wounds, fears, and resentments, and distributes Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. Known for its dazzling colors and ability to stimulate the mind and emotions, amethyst is thought to be the most powerful and protective stone. It is a semiprecious violet stone that is usually used as a healing stone.

Blessings of Love and Light and Happy Full Moon!

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