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Fall Equinox Four Directions Ritual

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

This Fall Equinox brings us the opportunity of love and light in our lives. Indigenous cultures understood the four focal points of the year as earth-based wisdom: the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox; illuminated stages of an inner spiritual journey – a spiritual cycle that the individual takes within themselves. In honor of this special day, we have created a sacred ritual for you all to perform:

To the North:

  • What tasks have you not completed?

  • What parts of your body need healing?

To the West:

  • How can you go deeper into your intuitive knowledge?

  • Are you taking care of yourself and your mind?

To the East:

  • How are you bringing openness into your life?

  • Are you willing to be open to change?

To the South:

  • How do you feel about your current relationships?

  • What is your relationship to self-love?

Repeat to the Earth: "I honor the light in you that is the love of all things, without your existence, the light of the Universe would dim, and all of existence would miss you."


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