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Happy Earth Day! On April 22, billions of people around the world celebrate Earth Day, an event that aims to promote awareness of environmental issues. Earth Day isn't just about celebrating the earth, but also about bringing communities together to pick up litter, plant trees, or simply appreciate nature. We have created a blog ritual for you to appreciate mother nature.

What you will need:

Step 1. Connect to Mother Earth and get grounded. Put your bare feet on dirt, grass, sand, or any other Earthly surface you can find. With your feet on the Earth, hold your favorite crystals in your hands and say aloud, “I respect Mother Earth.”

Step 2. Set your intention for Mother Earth on this special day. Pick up your crystals that you are ready to release back into the Earth, the close your eyes. While holding the crystal in your hands, set an intention, prayer, or a special vow for the Earth. Then bury your crystal in the Earth's surface as a way to give back to our beautiful planet.

Wishing you all blessed Earth Day of love and light! 🌎

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