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Dry Your Own Flowers

Drying your flowers is the perfect way to preserve special memories and moments. It is also a fun activity for all ages to do. Flowers have had many meanings in myths and legends, from new life to death, from purity to passion. Flowers represent youth, beauty, and pleasure from tender buds to full bloom. As they wilt and die, flowers are symbols of fragility. Air drying flowers is the most traditional method and has a few simple steps:

Step 1.

Gather your flowers together in small bunches by the stem, then secure them with either a rubber band or a string.

Step 2.

Hang the Flowers upside down in a cool dark place to dry out. Try to keep them away from sunlight.

Step 3.

Leave the flowers for 3 weeks to dry up completely. The colors of the bouquets will change.

Step 4.

Decorate with your sacred flowers!

Blessings of Love & Light!

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