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Divine Masculinity Blog

This Father’s Day, we are focusing on Divine Masculine Energy. This blog will give you some helpful tips for finding your courage. The Divine Masculine energy is tapped into every time we step into our power and take action in bold pursuit of whatever our hearts desire. Masculine energy is a blend of inner strength and outer strength. Our power lies in the courage we find to take a risk when things are uncertain.

You need to accept fear as a normal reaction, as a signal from the Universe that offers you an opportunity for growth, rather than as a sign of weakness.

Stones of courage can help you on this journey. The Obsidian Tiger's Eye Altar Piece is one of those stones. This stone has a powerful motivating force that will give you the courage you seek, helping you step into your power. In the world of gemstones, the tiger's eye is the most popular and most powerful stone. It is both beautiful and powerful, and it has healing properties that help balance toxic energy and emotions

How would you describe your strong points? Take time to think and reflect on how you can develop them even more. If needed, write this down in a journal and meditate.

Love & Light!

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