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December Self Care

The month of December is a great time to prioritize self-care. In addition to the hectic holiday planning chaos, December is dipping into the dark, cold winter days. It is common for winter to bring unpleasant seasonal affective symptoms such as low mood, lack of motivation, and hopelessness. Because of this, taking care of yourself and making time for yourself throughout this wintery month is imperative.

Here are some ways you can practice self-care:

  1. Find a new hobby for winter. It is easy to want to stay inside and stay in bed during this cold month. Examples of hobbies could include: baking, doing a puzzle, bird watching, or even just a winter meditation.

  2. Make a peaceful holiday playlist full of music that is calming.

  3. As the days get darker, add some light into your day. Use candles to set your mood. You can listen to music with candles burning or just sitting quietly in candlelight.

  4. Take a nap. Give your mind and body the opportunity to recharge during the busy holiday days. Even just 20 minutes of napping will make a big difference.

  5. Read a book. Find a book that speaks to your heart and soul. Take time away from your digital devices and relax in a comfortable space with a good book. Instead of reading something work related, read something for your soul.

Love, light, & blessings!

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