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December New Moon

Thanks to the New Moon in Sagittarius, you can expect a new world of optimism and exploration starting this month. Tonight will be one of the luckiest evenings of the year, as Sagittarius is known to be a lucky sign. Making a vow in 2024 to break free from limiting patterns that once held you back can be an excellent way to motivate yourself in the new year. You may feel overwhelmed by the challenges ahead due to Mercury's retrograde station on the same day. As Mercury stations direct on January 1, 2023, do not put too much pressure on yourself and trust that strategies will find you. 

Moon rituals have been used across cultures for millennia to connect with Spirit, embodied by the Moon, a sense of divinity. Astrologically, the Moon represents our emotions, our inner self. Our emotions and physical body are heightened during this phase of the Moon. Listen to the needs of your body and mind. This ritual will help you connect with your emotions during this sacred New Moon.

New Moon Ritual:

1. Set aside some quiet time in your schedule tonight or over the next few days. The new moon is today, but we will still feel the effects as we move into the rest of the week.

2. Light a candle and do whatever you need to create the right ambiance for your sacred ritual space. We

3. Set the intention to hear your heart's deepest desires and manifest them. What is missing from your life right now? One thing, or several things you’d like to be different?

4. Write down your intentions. Without judgment, write down your deepest desires and manifest those feelings. Try to get to the core of what your heart and mind desire. You may know you want change in a particular area of your life- but try to articulate precisely what you hope for and create a list.

5. Once you have written it down, take some time to sit and reflect on it.

6. Manifest your list. You receive the energy you put out into the world.

Remember that when we deeply set intentions, we are capable and worthy of all those manifestations we set.

Happy New Moon!

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