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Cleansing and Clearing Ritual

Incense has many benefits for the soul and is a wonderful way to cleanse your space. They can be burned for their aromatic or spiritual properties. Smudging is known to bring health, prosperity, and healing, and can be used in a ritual ceremony. You can use both of these tools to cleanse and clear any negative energies surrounding you.

What You Will Need:

Once you have lit your cleansing tool, let the flame burn for ten seconds. Blow out the flame -but make sure it is still lit - and place the stick in an incense holder or smudge stick in a safe spot. Take as long as you need to relax and clear your mind in your new calming and warm environment enjoying the aromas surrounding you. Focus on releasing any negative energies in your heart, or in your space.

Blessings of Love and Light!

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