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Burning Ceremony

A Burning Ceremony is a traditional ritual that uses the sacred element of fire. These ceremonies are used to release stagnant energy such as our past, negativity, pain, or harmful thoughts and emotions. A Burning Ceremony has become a ritual that is common with spiritual practitioners as it is one of rapid results. It is a ritual that can be used in a large variety of ways, it all roots to the intention behind the ceremony.

This spiritual practice is meant to help us let go of the past, as human beings, we carry heavy emotional burdens throughout our lives. The cleansing and purification received by performing this ceremony allows one to focus on what is truly important and more significant to them. In ceremony, the fire aims to cleanse and release any harbored resentments, hurt, grudges, regrets, or suffering. Fire ceremonies have been used for centuries, giving us the opportunity to connect to our ancestors as we remember them sitting around a fire to keep warm, cook food, and dance. Many ancestors even claim that fire could be a portal to a glimpse to an understanding beyond what the normal eye can see.

The sacred element of fire is one of the main factors in this practice. Spiritually, fire represents wisdom, knowledge, passion, and purification. Many of us know to honor the beauty and fury of the fire element, it is our inner light - the Divine fire that burns within every soul. Fire has a place in both the Earth and spiritual realms, making it an element of great power. It can be a force of destruction, creation, or purification. In burning ceremonies, fire is a symbol of transformation; We see this transformation as fire changes food into energy, ideas into action, and offerings into smoke. In ceremony, we burn away that which we wish to release, as the fire dances, it transforms the energy giving us the place to now release it.

Fire rituals are one of the core ceremonies in many medicine traditions being a practice that is timeless. In this ceremony, we recognize our lessons and beliefs, giving us the opportunity to let go of the old and transform, to renew and rebirth. By turning our burdens over to the fire, we can heal deep emotional wounds, past trauma, and our spiritual souls.


How to perform a Burning Ceremony:

If you feel you have emotional burdens and harbored malignant energy, a burning ceremony might be right for you. When you feel ready to willingly let go of attachment in a peaceful state of mind, that is the time this practice should be done. It is important for us to be honest with ourselves, we must remain open and sincere with what we want to release.

  1. Choose an open space in which to perform the ceremony. A burning ceremony can be done alone or with loved ones.

  2. Gather a fire safe bowl, a piece of paper, a pen, matches or a lighter.

  3. Before you begin, it is important to clear your head of any anger or irritation.

  4. Start by writing down what you want to let go of.

  5. Take a moment to become grounded. Sit down or stand firmly with both feet on the ground for a few moments until you feel present and stable.

  6. Sit with your thoughts, focus on your intentions, make them clear and focused in order to determine what you want out of this ceremony.

  7. Feel free to write down any more feelings or thoughts that may have come up, so that you can remain open and ready for release.

  8. Next you will burn that piece of paper. Lighting it with the match or lighter and then placing it in the bowl.

  9. Watch it burn for a few moments, take some deep breaths, and rub your hands together for a “final release” of the attachment you are aiming to let go of.

  10. Stand quietly in prayer or meditation as the fire burns away the rest of the paper. If any negativity or tension arises from your body, let it pass so that it can be released.

  11. Stay focused on your intention, honor your commitment to change or let go. Let the burning ceremony allow you to get closure and move on.

  12. When the paper becomes ash, return the ash to the Earth by placing it on the ground or sprinkling it into the open air.

Important things to remember for this Ceremony:

  • In addition to cleansing the past, this can help you cleanse your aura.

  • Cleansing may also be done with any smudging items such as sage, smudge blends, palo santo incense sticks or cones, etc.

  • Ceremony candles may also be utilized in this ritual.

  • Whether good or bad, anything that’s holding you back needs to be released.

  • This should not be performed to shake away anger or frustration.

  • If you can’t shake the negative emotions, meditate before you begin the ceremony or wait until you are in a calmer state of mind.

  • Fire rituals should not be performed in a confined or enclosed space, be aware of your surroundings.

  • A peaceful environment is best for completing this ritual.

  • The ritual has more impact when it is done in a peaceful, grounded state of mind.

  • If you feel you must burn memories, be mindful of what you choose to burn. Do not burn something valuable or anything that may be highly flammable.

  • A Sacred Bath or Cleansing Bath Ritual is recommended after a burning ceremony, this will help cleanse the body of any remaining harmful energy, encourages protection, and soothes the heart and mind.

~ Blesssings

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