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Bee-Friendly Spring Garden

As the pee population declines, we can ask ourselves what we can do to help in our gardens. Add certain plants and flowers that attract bees when you plant your garden this spring. Both wild and domestic honey bees are responsible for around 80 percent of pollination worldwide. Not only will you have a beautiful garden, but you will also help save the bees! The first step is choosing the right plants. Plants that bloom throughout the season are best for attracting bees, so they always have something to visit. You can encourage bees to thrive by including these plants in your spring garden. Make sure also to consider the location of your garden. A sun-filled garden protected from the wind and rain offers the best conditions for attracting bees.

Suggestions for Planting:

  • Bluebells

  • Crocus

  • Snowdrops

  • Zinnia

  • Poppy

  • Lungwort

  • Hellbore

  • Rosemary

  • Lavender

  • Sage

Choosing and planting the right flowering plants in the right location can create a sanctuary for bees while enjoying beautiful blooms throughout the season. Wishing you all a blessed spring full of love, light, and blessings.

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